Light Appears on Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport Metro Line

Minister Turhan, Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro Line Hasdal-Istanbul Airport Section Tunnel Drilling Process Completion and Light Appeared Ceremony took place.

Speaking about the importance of rail systems in the solution of urban transportation problems, Turhan said that they have taken very important steps in transportation in Istanbul for 17 years.

Stating that they have realized the biggest projects of the world such as Eurasia Tunnel, Marmaray, North Marmara Motorway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul Airport to solve the traffic problem, which is shown as the biggest problem of Istanbul, Turhan will continue to establish important transportation networks that enable Istanbul residents to travel comfortably. told.

Turhan said that the Istanbul Airport-Gayrettepe Metro Line, which will provide transportation to the airport, was built and continued as follows:

“Thanks to this project, which is 37,5 kilometers long and consists of 9 stations, transportation to the airport will be reduced to half an hour. To achieve this, while the maximum speed of 80 kilometers in all subway, fast access to the airport for the first time in Turkey for the realization of the subway system, 120 kilometers / hour was projected to make speed. In short, this project when completed Turkey's first 'subway will be quick' system. "

“The fastest excavated metro line in the world”

Turhan said that as of today, the drilling of tunnels has been completed in approximately 30 kilometers of the Gayrettepe-Airport Metro Project from Hasdal to the airport.

Stating that the drilling of the part of the route to the north of the TEM highway is finished today, Turhan emphasized that 82 percent of the tunnels are completed.

Turhan stated that in approximately 7 months, excavation machines would be available in the south of TEM, up to the D-100 highway, to Kağıthane and Gayrettepe stations.

Stating that the citizens of Istanbul are aware of the fact that this metro line is expected to be completed in the fastest way and they are working in an urgent manner, Turhan said:

“In this context, exactly 4 people work in the Airport-Halkalı project, which is considered to be the continuation of this line, together with Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport. In order to get the service of our citizens as soon as the project is also the first time we use the 38 TBM tunneling machines in a subway project in Turkey at the same time. Likewise, our results in this study, the metro line will be excavated in Turkey is not only the world's fastest subway line. "

Turhan noted that the world record was broken in terms of speed in the part of the project that has been excavated so far, “64,5 meters a day, 333 meters a week, exactly 233 meters a month were excavated. So far, 4 million 576 thousand cubic meters of excavations have been made. ” said.

Other lines to connect metro stations

Minister Turhan, in December, said they aim to do the first rail assembly and welding, Kagithane-Airport between the end of next year they plan to put into service, he said.

Turhan stated that the project will not only be important in terms of transportation to the airport, he said:

“With the subway project between Halkalı and Istanbul Airport, which is the continuation of this project, it will become the center of the Istanbul metro system. At Gayrettepe station, to Yenikapı-Taksim-Hacıosman line; It will be connected to the metrobus and to the 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project that we will build in the near future. Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey-Esenyurt Metro Line at Kağıthane station; At the Airport-1 station: it will be connected to the high-speed train line, and from the Halkalı station to the Marmaray and Halkalı-Kirazlı metro. "

Turhan is at the Halkalı Stadium station of the metro line to Mahmutbey-Esenkent metro; At Olimpiyatköy station, to Başakşehir-Kirazlı metro; At Kayaşehir station: Kayaşehir-Başakşehir metro; He informed that at the Fenertepe stop, it will be integrated into the Vezneciler-Sultangazi metro.

“All over Istanbul will be connected to Istanbul Airport, and Istanbul Airport will be connected to the whole city.” Turhan said, they will make 3 different stations to the airport.

“Istanbul-wide rail system length will reach 318 kilometers”

Turhan stated that as the Ministry, they have established a 80 km rail system infrastructure including Marmaray so far, and the ministry's total urban rail system work in Istanbul is 164,8 km.

Stating that the length of the rail system in Istanbul will reach 318 kilometers when the projects that are under construction are finished, Turhan said that 52 percent of this will be done by the Ministry.

Turhan mentioned the criticisms directed against them while Istanbul Airport was being built and used the following statements:

“However, at the point we have reached today, we see that those who made the claims were wrong. Our citizens who want to reach the airport with Havaist, IETT, taxi and private vehicles since its opening have had no problems. Havaist carries 12 thousand people with 150 thousand flights from 30 points. In the meantime, let me share some good information about our Istanbul Airport with you. As of today, it has reached 30 million passengers. The number of passengers continues to increase rapidly. Of course, we also increase the number of flying points. This year, 6 new points have begun to fly and 10 new points are expected to be reached by the end of the year. Today, we fly to 126 destinations in 325 countries. This figure was at the level of 305 last year. ”

Turhan reminded that it is possible to take off at the final capacity of 70, 400 thousand landings per hour at Atatürk Airport, and that it is possible to take off at 600 thousand landings per day at Istanbul Airport.

Turhan expressed that the capacity could be increased according to the need and thanked those who contributed to the project to come today.

Light appears between Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport

After the speech, Minister Turhan gave instructions for the completion of the tunnel in the Hasdal-Istanbul Airport section of Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro Line.

Tunnel drilling was completed by running TBM machine in the tunnel and light was seen in this section. Operators using the tunnel drilling machine, opened the Turkish Flag on the machine exit the tunnel.

Following the tunnel opening process with the accompanying delegation and receiving information from the authorities Turhan, where the operators offered baklava. (UAB)

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