Çerkezköy Uzunköprü Train Flights Started

Çerkezköy-Uzunköprü train services started: Çerkezköy Kapıkule Çerkezköy and Çerkezköy Uzunköprü Çerkezköy express train services started with a ceremony.

Tekirdağ Governor Enver Salihoğlu, Çerkezköy District Governor Metin Kubilay, Ak Party Tekirdağ Deputy and 2nd candidate Ayşe Doğan, Kapaklı Mayor İrfan Mandalı, Çerkezköy Deputy Mayor Imdat Özgör, Çerkezköy Chief Public Prosecutor Hacı Ünal, Çerkezköy District Police Chief Murat Ogan, District Health Group Head Olcay Palak, District National Education Director Hüseyin Erdoğan, Public Education Center Director Necmi Akman, TCDD 1st Regional Deputy Manager Halil Korkmaz, 1st Region Passenger Manager Mümin Karasu, Deputy Passenger Manager Yılmaz Ocak, Çerkezköy Station Chief Vedat Parapan, ÇOSB Regional Director Mehmet Özdoğan, AK Party District Chairperson Abdullah Element, political party representatives, non-governmental organizations and association presidents and citizens attended.


The ceremony began with the reading of the National Anthem and Respect. TCDD 1 made the opening speech. Acting Regional Director Halil Korkmaz makes major investments in favor of railway transportation between the modes of transport in developed and developing economies in the world, especially in the European Union countries. In our country, especially in recent years, a significant amount of investment has been made in the railways and important steps have been taken towards becoming a preferred means of transportation for the train.

Marmaray, built with the world's deepest immersed tube tunnel technique, which is our dream of one and a half century, serves daily 170 thousand passengers between Akçeşme and Kazlıçeşme. There have been major changes in favor of YHT in passenger transport on the Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Konya-Eskişehir-Istanbul lines where we operate High Speed ​​Train (YHT). The number of passengers transported by rail between Ankara and Eskişehir increased from 8 to 72 with HHT, and daily passengers between Ankara and Eskişehir made Ankara and Eskişehir neighbors. Between Ankara and Konya, our organization, which has not previously received a share from passenger transport, has become 66 of the total passenger with YHT. Fast, safe and comfortable journeys started between Konya, the capital of the Seljuks and Ankara, the capital of the Republic. ”


Noting that the passenger capacity has increased greatly with high speed trains, Korkmaz said, “To date, 14 million on the Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul high-speed train line, 7 million on the Ankara-Konya line and 1 million on the Konya-Eskişehir-Istanbul line, a total of 22 million passengers. he has traveled. ”
Stating that the wagons of the regional trains that will operate between Çerkezköy-Kapıkule and Çerkezköy-Uzunköprü are air-conditioned and modern, Korkmaz said, “With our renewed infrastructure, travel time has shortened by 40 minutes between Kapıkule-Çerkezköy and 30 minutes between Uzunköprü-Çerkezköy.

In our new trains offering comfortable journeys operating on this route, our ticket prices will be 20 percent discounted until January 2016, 25.

Stating that he is very happy that the train will serve, Çerkezköy District Governor Metin Kubilay said, “Since I started my duty on August 15, 2013, the renovated railway project between Çerkezköy-Halkalı has been carried out rapidly since January 2014 and zamIt was stated that it would be put into service within the next hour. Saray is a leading industrial region of Turkey. Our industrial organizations, which have a shortage of qualified personnel in our district, will contribute to the qualified personnel shortage required by the industry with the operation of regional trains between Çerkezköy and Istanbul. I congratulate those who contributed to the start of the regional train and I wish good luck to our district and region ”.


Tekirdağ Governor Enver Salihoğlu expressed his satisfaction with the start of the train services and said:

“All countries are upgrading the means of transportation to reach the fastest and fastest place. New fast lines are being built in our country. Especially the train journey is a safe journey. Rail travel is much safer. Until today, the importance of railways has not diminished. Each government has allocated funds for the railway. Now our people want a safer and more comfortable train. The line that is under construction between Istanbul and Çerkezköy has legal problems. Therefore, there were some delays due to the tender and contract. But with the last tender and contract, this was overcome and line construction was accelerated. In a short time, Halkalı-Çerkezköy line will be opened and comfortable and safe travel will be made from Çerkezköy to Gebze. Congratulations on the renewed regional train to Çerkezköy Uzunköpru Kapıkule, which started today. We also thank those who contributed. One zamThere was a song that was sung very often so that the black train would not come. Now that black train is up and instead of it, such beautiful, safe and comfortable trains have been put on the journey.

Following the speeches, Governor Enver Salihoğlu, District Governor Metin Kubilay, AK Party Tekirdağ Deputy Ayşe Doğan, Çerkezköy Chief Public Prosecutor Hacı Ünal, District Police Director Murat Ogan, Çerkezköy OSB Regional Director Mehmet Özdoğan, Kapaklı Mayor İrfan Mandalı, Çerkezköy Deputy Mayor Imdat Özgür TCDD officials and other protocol members took the train and traveled to Muratlı.


It was also stated that the passenger tickets on the train services starting from Çerkezköy Uzunköprü Kapıkule are 3 percent discount for 25 months.

Passenger ticket prices between Çerkezköy Kapıkule and Kapıkule Çerkezköy

  • Full ticket 12.75 lira,
  • discounted ticket 10.25 lira,
  • Discount 60 percent, while 65 and 20 are between the ages
  • 65 over the age of 6.50, 7 age and 12 age, including ticket fees also discounted 50 percent.
  • 12-26 20 young discount on the age percentage.

Passenger ticket prices between Çerkezköy Uzunköprü and Uzunköprü Çerkezköy

  • full ticket 9.25 lira,
  • discounted 7.50 lira.
  • Children and 65 age and above discounted tickets 4.75 lira,

Passenger ticket prices between Edirne Çerkezköy, Çerkezköy Edirne

  • full passenger ticket 11.75 lira,
  • discounted ticket 9.25 lira,
  • 65 percent including children and 50 age
  • discounted price is 6 lira.

Map of Trakya High Speed ​​Train


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