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Follow Istanbul Road Status Live: Istanbul has no remedy, the traffic ordeal almost drives the drivers out of the way. The nerves that will become more and more unbearable in Istanbul traffic will be strained. Before leaving the house, which roads are open and which bridge traffic is more intense, there are alternative roads.

The traffic ordeal, which has no cure for Istanbul, is almost infuriating the drivers. With the arrival of the 2014 Sacrifice Festival, there will be festive visits. The nerves that will become more and more unbearable in Istanbul traffic will be strained. Before we leave the house, which roads are open and which bridge traffic is more intensive alternative ways before leaving the house, we brought the answer to all these questions one click away.

Today, it is possible to reach detailed information about the situation of Istanbul traffic, on which roads are high, instant traffic status.

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Instant traffic situation in Istanbul. What is the traffic in Istanbul now this morning, which roads are busy in Istanbul, which are alternative routes, you can easily learn them by clicking the link in our news. IMM traffic website and mobile applications are the primary addresses for passengers and drivers living in Istanbul to provide their fastest and smoothest progress in Istanbul traffic. You can turn to İBB Traffic application site from the link in our news. Traffic status daily RayHaberYou can learn from.

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The coming Feast of Sacrifice began to affect the traffic in ISTANBUL.

Istanbul traffic is very effective especially on Bosphorus bridges due to those who go to the holiday and evaluate the last working day. In the aerial shots, Istanbul Bus Terminal remains calm. The bus station is expected to intensify as of tonight.
Due to the Feast of Sacrifice, there is heavy traffic in Istanbul. Due to the last working day before the Feast of Sacrifice and early holiday holidays, there are many points at the Boğaiçi Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. The bridges have miles of vehicles in both directions.

On the other hand, the situation at Istanbul Bus Terminal is still calm in the shooting from the air. Authorities said that as of this evening, the bus station will begin to be busy.


The intensity created by those who want to spend their holiday outside of Istanbul on the highways increases as the hours progress, while the density of the D-100 Highway has started as well as TEM.

While very few vehicles go to Istanbul direction on the D-100 Highway in Izmit city passage, heavy traffic from Ankara direction at some points zaman zammoment caused clutter.


In Istanbul, hours started before the holidays began to intensify. Due to an accident in Ataşehir, a strip of traffic closed at TEM.

  • Those who started their journey for the Feast of Sacrifice started to cause traffic.
  • The ferry port in Eskihisar is densely populated.
  • An accident occurred on the TEM highway in the Ataşehir district of Istanbul. The traffic was locked due to an accident.
  • The accident caused traffic jams to reach Bahçeşehir.

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