Job: Railway Works Engineer

General Properties:
As the Alarko Contracting Group, which has been operating in the contracting sector for 58 years, we are looking for a 'Railway Works Engineer' with the following features to be employed in the Taksim-Yenikapı Metro Project.
Graduated from 'Civil Engineering' departments of universities,
At least 3 years experienced at least 5 year in transportation systems,
Specialized in railway works, having at least 2 years of experience in tunnel and railway works,
Minimum level of English speaking,
MS Office Programs,
Type B license,
No domestic and foreign travel disability.
Job description:
Project control and field application of railway works in bridges, viaducts and tunnels between Şişhane and Yenikapı,
Specialist team management and monitoring, control of progress payments
Planning, budgeting and reporting of works,
Preparation of management presentation documents, coordination of intersections with other systems.
City / Country: İstanbul (Asya), İstanbul (Avr.)
Date Posted: 07.09.2012
Personal number: -


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