What are the Required Features in Traverses?

  • Abrasion resistance, hence hardness feature.
  • Elasticity Fracture and crush resistance,
  • Being suitable for the mounting of rails,
  • Resistance to external influences,
  • It is not too light in terms of stability of the superstructure,
  • not being too heavy for two workers to carry,
  • The cost is appropriate,
  • Reduces noise and maturity,
  • It is suitable for isolation,
  • Resistance to heat and moisture,
  • Fasteners should be easily mounted, carrying, stacking, laying, and disassembling,
  • It must be sufficiently resistant against abrasion, breakage and crushing,
  • It must be of sufficient width and length,
  • Traverse material should not transmit electric current,
  • It must have the necessary friction to ensure friction between the crossbar and the ballast,
  • It must be resistant to the harmful effects of water, moisture, acid rains, grass, tree roots and microorganisms,

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