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BYD came to Turkey with three models!

BYD Turkey Launch: Electric Vehicle Giant Stepped into the Turkish Market Chinese automotive giant BYD officially entered the Turkish market. At the launch, which was attended by Turkey, the electric models that the brand will bring to our country were presented. [...]

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Chery continued its user events in Izmir

This Time Tiggo 8 Pro Owners Met. Chery, one of China's leading automobile manufacturers, started its activities in Turkey in Istanbul after the "With Chery With Love" (WCWL) events it held around the world. Now [...]

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Chery Group's August sales reached 170.000 units

Chery Group broke a record in sales and quality. Chinese automotive manufacturer Chery Group increased its sales by 2023 percent in August 20,8, reaching 171.262 units. This is the company's second consecutive month of sales of over 150.000 units. [...]

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Xiaomi established an automobile factory in Beijing

Xiaomi is starting to produce automobiles Xiaomi, which we know with its smartphones and technology products, is entering the automobile industry. The company's production facility in Beijing has become operational and the first electric car prototypes are being assembled. Xiaomi is already ready for the factory [...]

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Chery OMODA's sales have increased considerably

Chery OMODA Continues to Grow in Global Markets In July 2023, OMODA achieved export sales of 15.735 units and reached 86.556 units in January-July cumulative exports. OMODA is increasingly gaining traction in the global Crossover-SUV market. [...]

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BYD will take part in the IAA 2023 Munich Motor Show

BYD, the world's leading electric vehicle and battery manufacturer, is preparing to showcase its innovations at the IAA Mobility Munich Motor Show, which will be held on September 5-10. It will start selling in the Turkish market in the last quarter of this year. [...]

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New market conditions for Chinese manufacturers

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers are now starting to step into the European market after climbing to the top of the sales rankings, surpassing their foreign competitors in the domestic market. But in this new market, the stereotypes of Chinese production, import costs [...]

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China's strong brand DFSK is in Turkey again

DFSK Motor, one of China's major automotive manufacturers, re-enters the Turkish market under the distributorship of SHS. Under the management of Hakan Şahsuvaroğlu and Yunus Şahsuvaroğlu, SHS is a subsidiary of DFSK Motor, with 3 gasoline SUVs, 4 gasoline commercial and [...]

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BYD comes to Turkey in the last quarter of the year

BYD is preparing to enter the electric vehicle market in Turkey BYD is preparing to enter the Turkish market. BYD, which will enter the market under the distributorship of ALJ Turkey, will start selling its electric models in the last quarter of this year. 5 [...]

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Chery sold 150 vehicles in July

Chery Group sells more than 14 vehicles for 100.000 months in a row Chery Group, China's largest automotive exporter, sold 150.466 vehicles in July, exceeding 14 for 100.000 consecutive months [...]

Jaecoo Starts Change in the Off Road SUV World

Jaecoo 7 Starts Change in Off-Road SUV World

China's largest automobile exporter, Chery, is preparing to fill an important gap in the SUV market with the Jaecoo 2023 model of its sub-brand Jaecoo, which will be offered for sale in various markets around the world as of September 7. With the accelerating urban life [...]

Chery Omoda EV's Malaysia Launch Held

Chery Omoda 5 EV Launched in Malaysia

Chery's global brand Omoda displayed a successful performance by exporting 2023 units in the January-June 70,821 period. These figures show that the brand is approaching its annual non-China sales target of 200,000 units. Omoda, 10 different [...]