Tofaş Starts to Produce Protective Equipment for the Coronavirus Challenge

Tofaş Started Protective Equipment Production

Tofaş Started Production of Protective Equipment for the Fight Against the Coronavirus Tofaş started the production of equipment in order to support the availability of medical supplies needed in the fight against the New Type of Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic. Position in the healthcare industry [...]

Tofaş to invest 200 million Euros

Tofaş will invest 200 million Euros!

Tofaş made an investment of 2019 million Euros, produced 107 thousand vehicles and exported more than 264 thousand vehicles in 194, which was a difficult year. Tofaş, the leader in the automobile and light commercial vehicle market [...]

Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Fiat 124 is the automobile that started to be produced in 1966. It is known as Murat 124 in Turkey. The Fiat 124 was produced in Italy in 1966 and is the most modified car produced until 1974. [...]