Newest of the Suzuki V Strom DL1050 family in Turkey

Suzuki V-Strom DL1050 in Turkey to Newest Family

The Newest Suzuki V-Strom Family DL1050 is in Turkey! Standing out with its durability in the motorcycle world, Suzuki introduced the new DL1050 model, the most powerful of the V-Strom series that left its mark on the adventure class. Sales started in Turkey as of May. [...]

Suzuki Starts Home Delivery Car Service

Suzuki Starts Home Delivery Car Service

Suzuki Started Home Delivery Car Service. Suzuki Turkey has launched the “My Suzuki is at My Door” application, which allows automobile lovers to have a zero kilometer vehicle with the opportunity to be delivered at the door without leaving their homes. “In the application where sales processes can be completed remotely, [...]