Alerts audi drivers to slippery roads faster
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Audi Warns Drivers About Slippery Roads Faster

Audi is taking another step towards safer and smarter mobility. For the first time, it uses highly accurate herd data with the car-to-X service to improve "Local Hazard Alerts". The new version is based on [...]

Bonuses for Porsche Employees
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Porsche Gives Bonuses to Its Employees

German Automobile manufacturer Porsche announced that it sold a total of 280.800 cars last year, breaking its own record. Thanks to the sales figures, which increased by 10 percent compared to the previous year, the income of the manufacturer increased by 11 percent and reached 28,5 percent. [...]

Porsche Carrera GT Accident
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750 thousand dollar Porsche Carrera GT crashed

Many people know the Porsche Carrera GT as the vehicle that caused the death of Paul Walker, the legendary actor of Fast and Furious Movie. Porsche Carrera GT, which is very powerful and very fast compared to the years it was produced, zamnowadays quite [...]

porsche and lucasfilm are designing spaceships for star wars
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Porsche and Lucasfilm Design Spaceships for Star Wars

Porsche AG and Lucasfilm, the producer of the legendary Star Wars films, are designing an unprecedented spaceship for the latest series of ser Star Wars: Skywalker's Rise ”. The ship will be shown at the world premiere of the movie. Porsche design DNA of the spaceship [...]

Porsche's first fully electric sports car Porsche Thai
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Porsche's First Fully Electric Sports Car 'Porsche Taycan'

Porsche equals the Taycan, the first fully electric sports car on three continents today. zamIt introduced it with a magnificent world premiere realized instantly. At its world premiere in Berlin, Porsche AG Chief Executive Officer Oliver Blume: “Taycan is our future with our heritage. [...]