buffalo last travel bus deliveries of the year

Last Bus Delivery of the Year at MAN

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. At the end of 2019, it made the last deliveries of the year with 6 ceremonies it organized one after the other. For Kamil Koç, Artvin Ses, Özlem Diyarbakır, Metro, Zafer Turizm and Pamukkale [...]


High Quality Air Breathing in Istanbul Metro

High Quality Air Breathing in Istanbul Metro; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has started work to improve air quality in accordance with the national legislation in the subways. Samples are collected from in-vehicle, platform and ticket halls and data is analyzed. [...]


The Route is Changing in Mersin Metro

Route Changes in Mersin Metro; Vahap Seçer, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, attended the event, which was organized by the Women, Family and Child Department and where women mukhtars from across the province were invited, which is of great importance for Mersin. [...]


Izmir Metro and Tram Owl Flights

Izmir Metro and Tram Owl Expeditions: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the public transportation service at night with the owl flights, now takes one more step and "every hour" on the subway and tram. [...]


Istanbul Metro Map 2019

Istanbul metro map 2019: At the end of 2030, with the subway construction starting from next year, 776 is the second longest metro in the world after New York [...]


10 New Metro Line to be Made in Istanbul

10 New Metro Line to be Built in Istanbul Which districts will shine the stars in the housing: The most important 10 metro line, which is getting closer to its operation in Istanbul, facilitates the transportation of many locations from Bakırköy to Çekmeköy, Kağıthane to Zeytinburnu [...]


Here are Antalya Metro Lines

Here are the Metro Lines Planned to be Built in Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel announced that metro lines will be built in Antalya. Kepez in Antalya within the scope of the Transportation Master Plan carried out by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality [...]


Metro Hours in Istanbul are Extended for Ramadan

Metro hours in Istanbul have been extended for the Month of Ramadan: According to the decision taken by the IMM in Istanbul, the metro services that end at 00.00 at night will end at 01.00 during the month of Ramadan. Metro Istanbul, one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, [...]


Metro in the world and Turkey

Metro in the world and Turkey: Metro in the world and Turkey: Usually established in large cities with more population density and the city center in an expeditious manner and connecting the electrical underground rail station to the suburbs [...]


Haliç Metro Bridge Opened

The Golden Horn Metro Bridge was opened: Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Şişhane-Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge-Yenikapı Metro Line, which was built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, at Yenikapı Marmaray Station, Erdoğan wished the line would be beneficial to the people of Istanbul. Prime Minister Recep [...]


Signalization Control Engineer to Ankara Metro

PROJECT AND CONTRACTING ACTIVITIES OF OUR COMPANY IN ANKARA METRO CONSTRUCTION SITE ELECTRIC, ELECTRIC-ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS SEARCHTAYIZ Graduated from the Electrical or Electrical-Electronics Engineering departments of the universities Signaling systems to be installed in rail systems preferably [...]


Underground Metro of Paris

PARIS METRO: Paris Metro Paris has a huge 14-line metro network that worries foreign tourists at first glance with its dozens of connections. The construction of this huge network connecting the city east-west and north-south started in the 1900s. [...]