electric mercedes battery to produce genius farasis
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Chinese Farasis to Build Electric Mercedes' Battery

German automaker Daimler has announced that it has made a joint investment decision with the Chinese auto battery manufacturer Farasis. German automaker Daimler has announced that it has made a joint investment decision with the Chinese auto battery manufacturer Farasis. Daimler, China automobile battery cell [...]

Mercedes' Luxury Suvu Glb Launched

Mercedes' luxury SUV Glb launched

Mercedes-Benz, one of the companies engraved in the automotive sector with gold letters, wants to take the lead in the compact SUV class. The company introduced the tool GLB, which it produced in this context, last year. Capable of carrying 7 people at the same time, this new [...]

Mercedes Recalls AMG GT Cars
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Mercedes Recalls 2020 AMG GT Cars

Mercedes-Benz 2020 recalls some of the AMG GT vehicles due to the emergency call system communication modules (eCall) malfunction. The American National Road Traffic Administration (NHTSA) 149 Mercedes-Benz 2020 for the US recall only [...]

Mercedes Benz Extends Turkish Warranties
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Mercedes-Benz Extends Turkish Warranties

Mercedes-Benz Türk extends the warranty periods of the Travego and Tourismo model buses sold in 2019 to support the owners of intercity bus companies that cannot operate due to intercity travel restrictions. Frequently, with their support to healthcare professionals during the corona virus outbreak [...]

Back at the Mercedes Plant Opens in Turkey
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Back at the Mercedes Plant Opens in Turkey

Mercedes back to the factory opens in Turkey. As in the world, in Turkey also announced that a break in production due to virus outbreak to many automobile factories choir. But according to the new news from the company, Mercedes-Benz is in Aksaray truck factory and Hoşdere bus [...]

Electric Mercedes Passes EQV Winter Tests
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Electric Mercedes Passes EQV Winter Tests

Electric Mercedes Passes EQV Winter Tests Mercedes-Benz has subjected the new EQV to an endurance test in Sweden. The electric V-Series has proven its ability to work at minus 30 degrees Celsius, on icy roads and in deep snow. According to Mercedes, Electric Mercedes [...]

Mercedes Benz Electric Vito
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New Mercedes Electric Vito Introduced

Mercedes has renewed the electric vito model. The new Mercedes eVito developed the electric version of the model Vito, which is widely used in passenger and freight transport. eVito, with its new electric Vito fully charged battery, can travel approximately 420 kilometers. [...]

Mercedes X will no longer be produced
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Mercedes X-Class will no longer be produced

Mercedes has decided to stop production for the X-Class pick-up series. The Mercedes X-Class, the pick-up that Mercedes launched in 2017, could not achieve the expected sales chart, so Mercedes decided not to produce the X-Class model anymore. Production of X-Class series vehicles [...]

Capacity AVM Mercedes Benz Legend Cars Exhibition
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Capacity AVM Mercedes-Benz Legend Cars Exhibition

Capacity Shopping and Life Center is hosting a unique exhibition that even those who say “I don't understand cars” will be impressed. Mercedes-Benz, the leading brand in the automotive sector, has been developing the technology of the future with perfect [...]

Hodlmayra Yeni Gorev

New Mission to Hödlmayr Carrying Giant Tractors on TIR

Hödlmayr Transport and Trade Ltd. Since May 2019, Mercedes-Benz has undertaken deliveries of Mercedes-Benz brand trucks to its customers. The automotive specialist, whose headquarters is in Ümraniye, Istanbul, is especially appreciated for its door-to-door delivery concept. This concept Hödlmayr the trailers Mercedes-Benz Aksaray in Turkey [...]

A series
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Mercedes-Benz A Series Hybrid Version Coming

Mercedes-Benz introduced the A series towards the end of last year. According to rumors, Mercedes-Benz is currently working on the new A series, which will be released under the name A 250e. The new A250e will feature a plug-in hybrid engine. Also, new [...]