Map of Buca Metro

Buca Metro Map and Buca Metro Route: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which made three official requests to the Presidency for the inclusion of Buca Metro in the investment program, which will significantly relieve İzmir traffic, [...]


Railway Operation Managers and Employees

Sector: Logistics City: İzmir Announcement Date: 08.07.2012 Number of Personnel to be Recruited: Not Specified Description of Work: Under the leadership of TOBB, the umbrella organization of Turkish commercial life, 90 chambers, stock exchange and organized industrial zone and Utikad's [...]


Tramways and History of Tramways in Istanbul

Since the beginning of the 20 century, there has been a demand for travel between housing and workplace with the industrialization of the cities and the population increases due to this, and solutions related to technological developments have been put into practice in order to eliminate this demand. Initially [...]