OIB MTAL Students Will Crown the Success of Automotive

Automotive Industry Exporters' Association Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which provides quality education in the fields of informatics, electrical-electronics, industrial automation, machinery, metal and engine technologies in order to train a qualified workforce for the automotive industry. [...]

taysadin coronavirus effect research has been concluded

TAYSAD's 5th Coronavirus Impact Study Concluded

TAYSAD shared the results of the Coronavirus Impact Research with the public. This time, in the survey held for the fifth time; Employment policies of companies in the supply chain of the automotive industry, which employs more than 200 thousand, were scrutinized. TAYSAD, Coronavirus [...]

jeep bounty found its owner

Jeep Award Winner Found

Providing service in Turkey with the interest-free Collaboration System, Eminevim made the draw for the Jeep award-winning recommendation campaign launched last September. The Jeep prize was also awarded in the drawing held in the presence of a notary public and more than 40 gifts were distributed. [...]

Mercedes' Luxury Suvu Glb Launched

Mercedes' luxury SUV Glb launched

Mercedes-Benz, one of the companies that have engraved the automotive sector with golden letters, wants to seize the leadership in the compact SUV class. In this context, the company introduced its vehicle, GLB, last year. 7 people at the same time [...]

Investments in the expertise sector do not slow down

Investments do not slow down in the expertise sector

After the clarification of the standards for opening an appraisal center with the regulations made in the second-hand vehicle sector, appraisal companies that accelerated their investments started to take giant steps towards institutionalization and branching. One of the leading companies in the sector with its innovations [...]

kia electric vehicle move

KIA Electric Vehicle Move

Aiming to maintain its strength in the automotive sector by developing its future activities, KIA; $2025 billion by 25 under the new 'Plan S strategy', which includes electric vehicles, mobile services, connectivity and autonomous driving [...]

fiat most prestigious car brand of the year

The Most Reputation Car Brand of the Year: Fiat!

Fiat was selected as the “Most Reputable Brand of the Year” in the Passenger Car Category of the 'The ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards' organized by Marketing Turkey. Fiat Marketing Director Özgür Süslü said, “2019 was a challenging year for the automotive industry. [...]


Domestic Cars Will Shake Our Country

one of Turkey's most important national project "100 Percent Domestic Car" was introduced by Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's participation today. The promotion in Bilisim Valley in Gebze; ministers, top executives and business [...]

polish attack from the automotive sector

Polish Attacks from Bursa Automotive Sector

Within the scope of the 'Finding Opportunities in the Automotive Sector and Building Bridges Between Turkey and the EU' project initiated by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) with the aim of specializing SMEs operating in the automotive sector in foreign trade. [...]

mitsubishi motors to expand its range of electric vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors to Expand Electric Vehicle Range

MITSUBISHI MOTORS introduced the MI-TECH CONCEPT buggy type electric SUV concept car to the world at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) is one of the most important events held in Tokyo and bringing the world automotive industry together. [...]