Kocaeliye Domestic Hybrid Automobile Factory

Domestic Hybrid Automobile Factory in Kocaeli

HABAŞ bought the factory of Honda in Gebze, which stopped production in Turkey last year and closed it. HABAŞ long zamhas completed its preparations to produce domestic hybrid vehicles in this factory. Equipment of the closed Honda UK factory [...]

Fiat Egea Hybrid Models Hit the Roads

Fiat Egea Hybrid Models Hit the Road

Hybrid engine versions of the Egea model family, which Tofaş played an important role in the product development process and whose production started in 2015, were put on sale in Turkey. Speaking at the press event where hybrid engine versions of Egea were introduced, FIAT [...]

Tour Of Antalya with Toyota Hybrids in 2022

Tour Of Antalya with Toyota Hybrids in 2022

Toyota became one of the official supporters of the Tour of Antalya 13 Cycling Races, which was held with the participation of 23 teams and 161 athletes from 2022 countries. Organized with a different theme every year, Tour of Antalya [...]

Here's the Brand New Suzuki S-CROSS

Here is the brand new Suzuki S-CROSS

Suzuki, one of the world's leading Japanese manufacturers, made the world premiere of the renewed SUV model S-CROSS with an online promotion. Designed to fully meet the needs of today's modern SUV users, the New S-CROSS is seamless. [...]

They Pedaled Goodness With Toyota

They Pedaled Goodness With Toyota

The “Velotürk Gran Fondo” race was held in Çeşme with the participation of 21 amateur and professional athletes from 1501 countries. In this race, in which Toyota participated with its social responsibility approach, the “Toyota Hybrid” stage witnessed a fierce struggle. All [...]

The November Advantage over the Suzuki Vitara Hybrid

November Benefit from the Suzuki Vitara Hybrid

Suzuki, which is appreciated for its models with smart hybrid technology, continues to provide special privileges to those who want to own a hybrid SUV. Those who want to own the new Suzuki Vitara Hybrid, 100 throughout the month of November. [...]

ds in turkey

DS 4 on the Roads of Turkey in 2022

Distinguished from its competitors with its noble materials, high comfort and technology used in the premium segment, DS Automobiles is the fourth model of the brand's new generation after DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS 3 CROSSBACK and DS 9 [...]

hybrid vehicle support from toyota oib mtale

Hybrid Vehicle Support from Toyota to OIB MTAL

Companies continue to support the Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (OIB MTAL), which was established by UIudağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OIB) to train qualified personnel needed by the automotive industry. Automotive [...]

introduced with the new ford fiesta hybrid version
American Car Brands

Introduced with the New Ford Fiesta Hybrid Version!

Ford Fiesta, the popular model of its segment with a history of more than 40 years, was introduced with its brand new impressive design and advanced technological features. Among the new generation technologies offered with the new Fiesta, the anti-reflective feature in the high beams [...]

Toyota at the autoshow with its low-emissions record-breaking hybrids

Toyota at Autoshow 2021 with Hybrid Models

Toyota took its place at the Autoshow 2021 Mobility Fair, which was held digitally after four years with the theme of "There is a Toyota Hybrid for everyone", and presented its remarkable mobility products to the likes. Yaris at the fair, [...]