Another new brand from Hyundai, ioniq

A New Brand From Hyundai: IONIQ

Hyundai Motor Company continues to make the IONIQ model, which has made its name known in the automotive world with its electric and hybrid versions, as a brand now. Continuing its rise in the field of electric cars and the same zamindustry at the moment [...]


Maserati New Engine 'Nettuno'

Maserati is adapting F1 technology to super sports road cars with its newly developed engine Nettuno. Produced by Maserati engineers and technicians and protected by international patents, the innovative engine produces 7500 HP at 621 rpm. [...]

Hyundai shared the drawings of the new elantra n line

Hyundai Shared New Elantra N Line Drawings

The N Department, which is Hyundai's performance arm, did not stay idle and prepared a brand new model for car enthusiasts. Bringing a breath of fresh air to sedan cars, which are generally preferred by families, Hyundai is the popular Elantra. [...]