euromaster makes free spot checks on vehicles

Euromaster Performs Free 11-Point Checks on Vehicles

Providing professional tire and vehicle maintenance services under the umbrella of the Michelin Group, Euromaster offers advantageous services to those who want to have their vehicles serviced and repaired during seasonal transitions. In this context, Euromaster is original equipment approved. [...]

Prometeon's new R&D center was opened in Kocaeli

Prometeon's New R&D Center Opened in Kocaeli

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the Prometeon Tire Group New R&D Center in Kocaeli. A global brand in the tire industry, Prometeon is an important company that benefits from the opportunities offered by Turkey. [...]

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3 Steps to Drawbar Installation

There are some details that you need to pay attention to in order to perform your towbar assembly, as long as you follow these details, you will get a problem-free service. The first thing you should pay attention to in your vehicle is a caravan or [...]

Brake Pad Manufacturing
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Tips for Brake Pads Manufacturing

Brake noise problems in vehicles give the signal of pad problems. You can understand that the sounds, especially in the form of loud squeaking, clicking and squeaking, are caused by a problem with the brake. With the manufacture of quality brake pads [...]

make the holiday holiday more comfortable and safe

Make Eid Holiday More Comfortable and Safe

With the holiday that coincides with the summer months, those who want to spend the holiday in different cities go on long journeys with their vehicles. OSRAM, one of the world's leading technology companies, developed with innovative and smart approaches; AirZing Mini, TIRE inflate [...]

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Out of the Box Snow Chain Prices at Otolye

It is statistical data that the snow chain, which facilitates the adhesion of the tires to the ground in winter, prevents life-threatening damages by preventing traffic accidents. After checking the durability of the tires in preparations for a safe journey in winter. [...]