Discount Days on Auto Accessories!

Ranking first in Turkey in the car spare parts sector, AloPart shakes the market once again with its big discount! Up to 50% discount on purchases of original spare parts, engine oil and auto accessories from [...]

Forklift Tubeless Tires

Forklift Tubeless Tires

The tire structures in which the steel wires in the body that make up the tire, including the forklift tire, form an angle of 90 degrees from one bead to the other, with respect to the tire centerline, are called radial tubeless tires. Traditional pneumatic tire designs, [...]

World rubber giant michelin announced its goals

World Tire Giant Michelin Announces 2030 Targets

Michelin, the world's largest tire manufacturer; announced its 2030 targets, based on twelve indicators covering environmental, social, social and financial performance. Aiming to achieve sustainable growth with an annual average increase of 2023% in sales between 2030 and 5, Michelin, [...]

Disa Otomotiv increases its capacity with new investments

Disa Otomotiv Increases Its Capacity with New Investments

disaotomotiv which is one of Turkey's most important international manufacturers in the automotive spare parts production, despite his pandemics in 2020 with an investment of 2.500.000 million euros, Adolescents, took off his gear production capacity of the factory in Tekirdag tripled. With new breakthroughs in 2016 [...]

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What is a bearing? Why Consult the Bearing Catalog?

What is a bearing? Why Consult the Bearing Catalog? Bearings are mechanical assemblies that consist of rotating elements and usually internal and external bearings used for rotating or linear shaft applications. Ball and roller bearing variants, linear bearings and mounted [...]


A New Tire from Pirelli for Fiat 500 Collectors

Pirelli presents a new tire for the iconic Fiat 500, which introduced the car to the masses in Italy. This new tire is the Pirelli tire, dedicated to cars from 1950 to 1980, combining classic looks with modern technology and maintaining the same originality as the tire's first production [...]

The tire of the future should be fuel-saving first

The Tire of the Future Should Be Fuel-Saving First

In the “Tire of the Future” survey conducted by Continental and Forsa together, the participants stated that tire engineers should prioritize fuel savings and think that the price-performance ratio is more important than sustainable production. End zamIn line with the drivers' changing tire safety expectations, Continental and [...]

How to Change a Tire

How to Replace a Damaged Tire?

How to Replace a Damaged Tire? : How to replace punctured, deflated or damaged tires with a spare wheel. How to replace a damaged tire? What should be considered during tire change? Safety measures to be taken when changing tires [...]