rearrangement of vehicle inspection delay penalties

Rearrangement of Vehicle Inspection Delay Penalties

Paragraph 9 of Article 2021 of the Law No. 31506, published in the Official Gazette dated 7326 June 10 and numbered 6, on the restructuring of some receivables and amendments to some laws As of the date of publication of this Law (this date [...]

Robot technologies that will shape the world of the future

Robot Technologies to Shape the Future World

Technology pioneer Schunk drew attention to current developments in robotic technologies at Connection Days Talks. Schunk, the world leader in its sector, is at the Industrial Robot Automation and Future Conference to be held on June 22 by Connection Days, the digital event platform of Hannover Fairs Turkey. [...]

fuat oktay turkey will be the world leader with flying vehicles

Fuat Oktay, Turkey to Become the World Leader in Flying Vehicles

Vice President Fuat Oktay, who participated in the Efficiency Technology Fair established at the ATO Congresium in Ankara, said in his speech, "When we come to flying vehicles, you will see a Turkey that will play for the world leadership." Oktay talked about artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotic production systems, [...]

Puff points in car care in summer

Tips for Car Care in Summer

It is in your hands to extend the life of your vehicle with some tricks about both regular maintenance and driving! One of the most important conditions for continuing the road with your vehicle satisfied is to have the vehicle serviced regularly. Long neglected maintenance [...]

conversion to alternative fuels in automotive has begun

Transformation to Alternative Fuels in Automotive Has Begun

Although we do not feel it due to the situation we are in in Turkey, the transformation to alternative fuels has begun in the member states of the European Union. The sales figures of electric and hybrid vehicles, the incentives applied for the conversion of old vehicles to LPG and the increasing application area of ​​diesel [...]

second hand car sold the most in may

Top Selling Used Cars in May

Cardata, the largest data and second-hand pricing company in the automotive industry, listed the best-selling car models in the used car market in May. According to the list prepared with data from Cardata's comprehensive data pool, in May [...]

Large discount for those who have not paid traffic fines and motor vehicles tax

Great Discount for Traffic Fines and Motor Vehicle Tax Debts

The tax debt structuring prepared in the Parliament also includes vehicle owners. Those who have not paid the traffic penalty and Motor Vehicles Tax will be given a big discount. The state has billions of dollars in receivables. Consequently, millions of citizens are in debt for various reasons. 15 submitted to the Assembly [...]

automotive industry comes together at the aftermarket conference

Automotive Industry Gathers at the 11th Aftermarket Conference

The automotive industry is coming together at the 11th Aftermarket Conference this year. Innovations, upcoming opportunities and problems in the automotive industry are both global and national at the Aftermarket Conference, which is the only organization of the industry for aftermarket products and services. [...]

Color trends of the automotive world announced

Color Trends of Automotive World Announced

Clariant introduces the world's first virtual Car Color Configurator. The innovation was announced with the Automotive Design Shades 2025 Trend Booklet. Clariant, a specialized, sustainable and innovative specialty chemical products company, shared the new Automotive Design Shades 2025 Trend Booklet. [...]

What are the brake systems and types of vehicles

What are the Brake Systems and Types of Vehicles?

Vehicle safety and technologies have shown great improvements, especially in recent years. The bodies and cabin parts of the vehicles are strengthened, airbags become standard and different safety elements are added to the vehicles. Brake systems, which are critical parts of these systems [...]

labeling automation benefits the automotive industry

Labeling Automation Benefits The Automotive Industry

With the robotic labeling systems established specifically for the automotive industry, slowdowns and stops in the lines are prevented and the quality standard is achieved. The biggest gains of automotive companies that switched to the robotic labeling system are the savings in label - inventory costs and the quality standard. [...]