the vehicles of the future are ready for the tough fight

Vehicles of the Future Ready for the Tough Challenge

Turkey continues to encourage young people about autonomous cars, which are considered to be the vehicles of the future. TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, brings competence to young people in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies. [...]

toyota brings its olympic spirit to the tokyo olympics

Toyota Brings Olympic Spirit to Tokyo Olympics

Toyota once again supported the 'Olympic spirit' with the global campaign “Start Your Impossible-You Are Mobile Free”, which forms the basis of the mobility concept at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, which started with a one-year delay due to the pandemic. [...]

in the sky with aircar softtech technology

AirCar is in the Sky with Softtech Technology

The development of the flying car AirCar, whose first prototype and test flight was completed in February 2021, of which Softtech is a technology investor, continues. With Softtech, human resources and investment support, the flying car is fully autonomous. [...]


What are Breast Cancer Risk Factors?

General Surgery and Surgical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gürkan Yetkin gave important information about the subject. The incidence of breast cancer, which is the most common cancer in women, increases rapidly after the age of 30. [...]


Still Life Threats the Lungs

A sedentary life negatively affects the whole life. Those who have to stay in bed for a long time due to desk jobs, surgery or a different illness… They may encounter dangerous consequences later on. Like a pulmonary embolism… Best [...]

baidu begins driverless taxi service with apollo go

Baidu Starts Driverless Taxi Service with Apollo Go

Baidu will be the first company in China to offer its passengers its autonomous taxi service for money. Baidu, the country's largest artificial intelligence firm, has confirmed that it will operate in this field from officials in Cangzhou city of northern China province Hebei. [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

What is the Render Service?

Processing a particular model, drawn and developed using a render service computer, using different programs, and then turning this model into a picture or video and exporting it in this way. [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

Cats for Sale

Our site serves you to reach pets. All animals are divided into categories for comfortable use. You can easily reach domestic cats from the category of cat ads for sale. we share with you [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

Facebook Video Downloader Online

You can download Facebook videos to your computer or mobile phone without installing a program and from websites. We have listed these tools and programs for you. You can download Facebook videos for free with these tools. Below [...]