transanatolia adventure ended in karst

TransAnatolia Adventure Ended in Kars

TransAnatolia Rally Raid, Turkey's first and only race, and one of the world's biggest and most challenging races, ended in Kars. The racers who started from Eskişehir on Saturday, September 11, passed through 14 provinces and reached 2.300 [...]

transanatolia is indescribable, lived

TransAnatolia is Unspeakable, Experienced

TransAnatolia, Turkey's first and only race, and one of the world's biggest and most challenging races, competes on the fifth day on the track, 86 percent of which consists of special stages. which will end on September 18 in Kars. [...]

petlas turkey off road championship completed

Petlas 2021 Turkey Off-Road Championship Completed

The first race of the Petlas 34 Turkey Offroad Championship, organized by the Ankara Outdoor Sports and Offroad Club (ANDOFF) in Kızılcahamam with the participation of 68 vehicles and 2021 athletes, resulted in the first place of the Engin Başkurt-Şükrü Mindiloğlu team. [...]

petlas Bantboru became the tire sponsor of the off road team

Petlas Became BANTBORU Off-Road Team Tire Sponsor

PETLAS, the leading brand of the tire industry with domestic capital, whose support for motorsports and athletes has been increasing in recent years, will support the BANTBORU Off-Road Team as the Tire Sponsor. BANTBORU Off-Road Team, 2021 under the sponsorship agreement [...]

Extreme e promotional meeting was held online

Extreme E Introductory Meeting Held Online

With the sponsorship of Continental, the promotional meeting of Extreme E, which aims to draw the attention of the whole world to climate change, was held online. There was great interest in the event, which was followed live on social media platforms. spring of 2021 [...]

Offroad Championship Ends

Offroad Championship Ends

Within the scope of the events of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Kahramanmaraş from the enemy occupation, Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) and Kahramanlar Offroad Sports Club Association (KAROF), both Turkish Offorad Championship [...]

years salvation offroad races started

100. Off-Road Racing Begins

100th Anniversary of Independence Offroad Races Has Started; Within the scope of the 100th Anniversary of the liberation of Kahramanmaraş from the enemy occupation, the Turkish Offroad Championship 6th Leg Races, which will last for two days in our city, have started. President speaking at the inauguration [...]

Offroad Championship in turkey KahramanMaras

Offroad Championship in Kahramanmaras in Turkey

With the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality and other stakeholder institutions, the 6th Leg Final Race of the Turkish Offroad Championship will be held in Kahramanmaraş between 30 November-1 December. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Kahramanmaraş's liberation from enemy occupation [...]

Offroad Challenge Sinopa Moves

Offroad Challenge Moves to Sinop

Sinop Offroad Race, the 2019th leg of the 5 Turkey Offroad Championship, is organized by the Sinop Offroad Club on 09-10 November with the contributions of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sinop Governorate and Sinop Municipality. Akliman [...]

off road racing

Off-Road Racing Breaths in Ordu

Black Sea Off-Road Cup 5th Leg Races, organized with the support of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and under the leadership of Gezenbilir Off-Road Club, were held at Kayabaşı Melet Bridge Location. A special track for Off-Road racers at Kayabaşı Melet Bridge Location. [...]

Off Road Cup Foot Army Racing Ceremony

Off-Road Cup 5. Leg Army Race Starts Ceromonic Start

The ceremonial start of the Off-Road Cup 5th Leg Ordu Race, organized with the contributions of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, was performed by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. It was given by Mehmet Hilmi Güler at the July 15 Democracy Square. Ordu Navigable Off-Road Club [...]