great danger waiting for production in domestic cars

Major Danger Awaiting Production in Domestic Cars

While the prices of minerals used in electric vehicles such as copper, lithium and nickel will increase rapidly, exchange rates and tax burden will make the domestic automobile a fire. According to the news of Taylan Büyükşahin from Sözcü; “Record in global markets [...]

togg warns of social media scams

TOGG Warns Against Social Media Scams

This time, the fraudsters tried to use the domestic car as a tool for their ambitions. A warning came from TOGG against fraudsters claiming that the so-called stocks were offered for sale. The scammers appeared again with a different scenario. Turkey's [...]

bursa getting ready for a local car

Bursa is preparing for the local car

While construction continues rapidly in the factory area in Bursa's Gemlik district, which will host Turkey's first domestic, national and electric car, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is also concerned about electric vehicle charging stations. [...]

Togg ship facility construction work continues

TOGG Gemlik Facility Construction Work Continues

Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) in his social media account; “It has been announced that the infrastructure works of the paint shop, energy, body and entrance buildings, which started at the Gemlik Facility, have been completed. In the statement made on TOGG's social media account, [...]