The controversial latest photo of the togg factory construction has been shared

The Controversial Latest Photo of TOGG Factory Construction Has Been Shared!

The excitement of TOGG continues to increase in Turkey with each passing day. Turkey's bus TOGG Board of Directors meeting was held at the Gemlik facility. In addition, a photo of the construction at the domestic automobile factory was also shared. Turkey's Car TOGG2022, the latest version of the factory from its Twitter account "TOGG [...]

great danger waiting for production in domestic cars

Major Danger Awaiting Production in Domestic Cars

While the prices of minerals used in electric vehicles such as copper, lithium and nickel are increasing rapidly, the exchange rates and the tax burden will make the domestic automobile at the expense of fire. According to the report of Taylan Büyükşahin from Sözcü; “Commodity prices that broke record after record in global markets, [...]

togg warns of social media scams

TOGG Warns Against Social Media Scams

This time the scammers tried to use the domestic car for their ambitions. TOGG warned against fraudsters claiming that the so-called stocks were put up for sale. Fraudsters came up again with a different scenario. Shares of Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group [...]

domestic automobile togg will come to the market with a percentage of local

Domestic Cars TOGG Will Be Released With 50 Percent Localization Rate

Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, answered the questions of journalists on Habertürk television, in a live broadcast he attended from the Informatics Valley. Emphasizing that Informatics Valley is the technology development zone with the largest indoor area in Turkey, Varank explained the advantages that technoparks provide to companies. Varank, [...]

bursa getting ready for a local car

Bursa is preparing for the local car

Turkey's first domestic, national and electric cars to the factory area in Gemlik town of Bursa, which will be hosted while continuing construction, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has also accelerated the infrastructure works related to electric vehicle charging stations. National [...]

Togg ship facility construction work continues

TOGG Gemlik Facility Construction Work Continues

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) sharing his social media accounts; “It has been announced that the infrastructure works of the paint shop, energy, body and entrance buildings that started at the Gemlik Facility have been completed. The statement made on TOGG's social media account includes the following information about the studies [...]

turkiyenin car tOGGer and MGM signed a protocol

Turkey and MGM TOGG Car of the Data Sharing Protocol Signed

Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Meteorology and Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG), meteorological data and information sharing and co-signed a protocol on the use.Agriculture at the signing ceremony held in Informatics Valley [...]