gin people prefer luxu in cars

The Chinese Prefer Luxury in Cars

Auto sales in China continue to increase steadily. According to the statement made by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), passenger car sales in the country in April fell to the same level as last year, which experienced a great decline due to Kovid-19. [...]

xiaomi will produce electric cars

Xiaomi Will Build Electric Cars

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced that it has officially entered the automotive industry with its new smart electric vehicle (EV) unit. The statement that will activate the electric car market came from China. China-based phone company Xiaomi [...]

Sweden announces its decision to merge volvo with gin geely
Swedish Car Brands

Swedish Volvo and Chinese Geely Announces Merger Decision

Announcing that they have decided to merge with the Swedish luxury car brand and the Chinese Geely, they announced their plans for the merger. In the statement, while the company structures are preserved, the integration of work in the areas of electrification, smartness, connectivity and sharing in automobiles [...]

Gin will reduce the support it gives to electric cars

China Will Reduce Support for Electric Cars

As we enter the new year, China's Ministry of Finance announced that aid for vehicles with new types of (environmentally friendly) engines will be reduced by 20 percent. The reduction is due to public sector busses, including taxis. [...]

electric car attack

Electric Car Attack from China

The trend of the day is for electric vehicles; but in general they are more expensive than their fossil fuel counterparts such as gasoline. Now this issue has been addressed by a Chinese manufacturer and e-cars are also [...]