opel astra completely renewed
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Opel Astra Completely Renewed

Opel shared the first images of the sixth generation of its best-selling model, Astra. The first hatchback of Opel, interpreted with a bold and pure design philosophy after the completely renewed new Astra, Mokka, Crossland and Grandland. [...]

opel offers new mokka for sale in turkey
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Opel Launches New Mokka in Turkey

German automotive giant Opel launched the new Mokka with its highly efficient gasoline engine and 3 different hardware options. ZamBold design beyond the moment, innovative standard technologies and rich driving [...]

new opel grandland surprises with features
German Car Brands

New Opel Grandland Surprises With Its Features

Opel continues to bring the SUV family together with its dynamic design language. German automotive giant Opel is renewing Grandland, another SUV model after Crossland and Mokka, by bringing it together with the 'Opel Visor' design concept. thus [...]

opel introduces neoclassical model manta gse electromode
German Car Brands

Opel Introduces Neoclassical Model Manta GSe ElektroMOD

Combining its superior German technology with the most contemporary designs, Opel introduced its neo-classical model Manta GSe ElektroMOD. One zamManta GSe, in which the legendary model of moments, Manta, is interpreted in accordance with the requirements of the age; LED headlight, [...]

The delightful story of opel dogfish, which has become a cult
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Shark Will Be Used In Future Opel Models

As in the past, the German automotive manufacturer Opel reflects its passion for maritime to its current product range. This passion, which is revealed in legendary models such as Kadett, Admiral, Kapitän, Opel from the Manta fish logo. [...]

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Opel e-Rally Cup Postponed

The new calendar has been announced for the e-Rally Cup in agreement with Opel, held in the organization of the ADAC (German Automobile Club). In the organization ... [...]

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Opel August Special Deals

Car manufacturers, who are in a very difficult situation due to the coronavirus affecting the whole world, go back to their old days with the normalization. [...]