mercedes benz june campaign offers special deals
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Mercedes-Benz June Campaign Offers Special Offers

Within the scope of the campaigns offered by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in June, advantageous payment terms and favorable interest rates are offered for automobiles and light commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, in new car purchases for June [...]

mercedes benz startup applications are completed
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Mercedes-Benz StartUP 2021 Applications Completed

Applications for the Mercedes-Benz StartUP competition, where Mercedes-Benz will reward startups that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, have been completed. 43 startups from 633 provinces of Turkey applied to the competition. To date, business development trainings, workshops, prize money, national [...]

The address of the reliable hand makes a difference in years with the solutions it offers at truckstore.
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Reliable 2nd Hand Address, TruckStore Makes a Difference in 2021 with Its Solutions

TruckStore, the brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk that continues its 2nd hand activities in the field of trucks, continues to contribute to the sector with the solutions it offers. TruckStore, the brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has been carrying out its 2009nd hand activities in the field of trucks since 2, has become a brand both for the domestic market and for the domestic market. [...]

mercedes recalls million cars
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Mercedes Recalls 1 Million Cars

Mercedes, one of the world's leading automobile companies, has decided to recall 1 million cars. The reason for the recall was an error in a system used in emergency situations. [...]