new opel grandland surprises with features
German Car Brands

New Opel Grandland Surprises With Its Features

Opel continues to bring the SUV family together with its dynamic design language. German automotive giant Opel is renewing Grandland, another SUV model after Crossland and Mokka, by bringing it together with the 'Opel Visor' design concept. Thus, all of Opel's SUV models [...]

special discount opportunities from opel to june
German Car Brands

Opel Offers Special Discounts for June

Opel offers credit opportunities with favorable payment terms and cash purchase discounts in June. In this context, the zero-interest loan campaign offered for Opel's SUV family provides an advantage to users who want to own a new SUV. Modern [...]

mercedes benz june campaign offers special deals
German Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz June Campaign Offers Special Offers

Within the scope of the campaigns offered by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in June, advantageous payment terms and favorable interest rates are offered for automobiles and light commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers advantageous financing options for new car purchases for June. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon [...]

mercedes benz vito tourera hp new engine option
German Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Has Its New 237 HP Engine

The Vito Tourer, the model that directs the world of 2020-seater vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, which started to be sold in Turkey as of 9, with its renewed design, increased equipment, security technologies, reduced fuel consumption, engine options and the slogan "Beautiful in Every View", is the new model that produces 237 HP. [...]

opel introduces neoclassical model manta gse electromode
German Car Brands

Opel Introduces Neoclassical Model Manta GSe ElektroMOD

Combining its superior German technology with the most contemporary designs, Opel introduced its neo-classical model Manta GSe ElektroMOD. One zamManta GSe, where the legendary model of moments Manta is interpreted in accordance with the requirements of the age; LED headlight, Pixel-Vizor and Pure Panel cockpit [...]

mercedes benz startup applications are completed
German Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz StartUP 2021 Applications Completed

Applications for the Mercedes-Benz StartUP competition, where Mercedes-Benz will reward startups that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, have been completed. 43 startups from 633 provinces of Turkey applied for the competition. To date, business development trainings, workshops, prize money, national and international network development. [...]

The delightful story of opel dogfish, which has become a cult
German Car Brands

Shark Will Be Used In Future Opel Models

German automotive manufacturer Opel reflects its passion for marine in its current product range as in the past. This passion, which is revealed in legendary models such as Kadett, Admiral, Kapitän, is the dog hidden in the cockpits of Opel branded cars from the Manta fish logo. [...]

mercedes benz turke new global responsibilities
German Car Brands

New Global Responsibilities for Mercedes-Benz Türk

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has been serving in its operations in Turkey for more than 50 years, continues to increase the employment it provides with the Hoşdere Bus Factory and Aksaray Truck Factory with new responsibilities in areas such as IT, engineering and purchasing. New responsibilities taken [...]

total vehicle mileage calculated as billion million
German Car Brands

Opel May Campaign Offers Special Offer Options

Opel offers special purchasing options for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a wide range of products to suit everyone's needs and tastes. Within the scope of the campaigns that will be valid throughout May, Opel Corsa can be purchased from 176.900 TL. [...]

Opel Vivaro-e Wins International Van of the Year 2021 Award
German Car Brands

Opel Vivaro-e wins 2021 International Van of the Year Award

Opel Vivaro-e, where maximum efficiency meets smart German technologies, won the “International Van of the Year 2021” award. Vivaro-e in the award, which is traditionally held every year and determined by the selection of European expert journalists; zero emission electric motor, loading capacity that meets expectations, [...]

Mercedes Benz Turk continues to support truck drivers
German Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz Distributes Hygiene Kits to Turkish Truck Drivers

Mercedes-Benz Türk distributed hygiene sets to truck drivers, whom it came together at recreation facilities in many cities of Turkey, and thanked all drivers for their efforts during the pandemic period. Mercedes-Benz Türk plays a vital role in providing the basic needs of society without interruption. [...]