2021 BMW 5 Series
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2021 BMW 5 Series Photos Revealed

Photos of the facelifted 2021 BMW 5 Series model have surfaced on social media ahead of the online debut, which is expected next month. Moreover, thanks to the photos leaked just a few days apart, the new BMW 2 first [...]

PEUGEOT 508 PSE (Peugeot Sport Engineered)

PSA Peugeot 508

The concept vehicle PEUGEOT 508 PSE (Peugeot Sport Engineered) combines three engines under a single chassis. Along with the PureTech 200 petrol engine, the 110 hp electric motor located at the front of the vehicle [...]

new hyundai elantra

Design Wonders New Hyundai Elantra Introduced

One of Hyundai's most popular models, the new hyundai elantra, appeared before car lovers with its seventh generation. The new car, which was introduced at The Lot Studios in Hollywood, has a completely different design and technological features. [...]

BMW İ will no longer be produced
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BMW i8 will no longer be produced

Production for the i8 Coupe and i8 Roadster, one of BMW's popular models, is ending next month. The BMW i8 was first introduced at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. 20 since it was produced [...]

Renault's new hybrid Technology

Renault Introduces New E-Tech Hybrid Technology

Renault has chosen to introduce its new models, which will be introduced at the canceled Geneva Motor Show, on digital platforms. On this digital promotional platform, the Renault group showcased hybrid versions of its new cars. Also named Renault E-Tech [...]

Volkswagen Touareg R Introduced
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Volkswagen 2021 Touareg R Introduced

Volkswagen tall zamIt introduced the expected new Touareg R model. The Touareg R, which will be exhibited for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020, stands out as the first Volkswagen R model with a hybrid engine. [...]

2020 DS9 SEDAN

2020 DS 9 Sedan Introduced

The European version of the French flagship 2020 DS 9 Sedan was introduced. DS Automobiles, which left Citroen in the past years and became a brand on its own, introduced the 2020 DS 9 Sedan European version. DS [...]

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New Honda Jazz 2020 Only Comes In Hybrid

The new Honda Jazz 2020 will be sold as a hybrid in Turkey. The 2020 model Honda Jazz e:HEV is coming to raise the standards of its class with its hardware and technologies, as well as its hybrid technology. New Honda Jazz 2020 109 [...]

Europe's first hybrid plant counts days

Europe's First Hybrid Plant Counts Days

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the aluminum engine block will be produced for the first time in Turkey at the Oyak Renault High Pressure Aluminum Injection Factory, and said, “This factory is the only hybrid engine of Renault in our country and in Europe. [...]

world hybrid freezes toyota hybrid talks sinpas finance in the city

Toyota Hybrid Talks at Sinpaş Finans Şehir

Adding a new one to its activities, Live in Sinpaş carried its hybrid technology to Finans City promotion office in cooperation with Toyota. While hybrid technology was experienced with test drives, all details were examined in the seminar held at the event. Each [...]

Toyota's Hybrid Cars Pass 14 Million

Toyota's Hybrid Cars Pass 14 Million

Since 1997, when Toyota presented its first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, hybrid vehicle sales have exceeded 14 million units. Toyota's hybrid sales in the European market in the first 2019 months of 7 were also 328. [...]

The new Audi Q7
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Audi Q7 2020 Introduced

Audi made changes in interior and exterior design instead of body changes for the new Q7. The prices of the new Q7, which will be available as of September, are not yet known. Audi's long-awaited SUV [...]