great interest in toyota hybrid models

Great Interest in Toyota's Hybrid Models

With the pandemic period, while personal preferences for environmentally friendly vehicles instead of fossil fuel cars continued to increase, institutions and organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint also turned to cars with hybrid technology. hybrid technology [...]

Beijing opens its third test center for driverless vehicles

China Opens Third Test Center for Driverless Vehicles

The tests of the first phase of the test site dedicated to autonomous vehicles in Shunyi, the northeastern suburb of Beijing, the capital of China, have successfully passed. Construction work of the first phase of the 20-hectare test area has been completed. Here is a highway, urban [...]

hybrid record from toyota in europe

Hybrid Record from Toyota in Europe

Toyota broke another remarkable record in the hybrid technology it pioneered. Toyota has left another important milestone behind by delivering its 3 millionth hybrid vehicle in Europe. New owner in Spain [...]

first prize for suvu kia sorento

Firsts SUV Design Award to KIA Sorento

the KIA Sorento SUV with an important heritage in Turkey's leading model, the fourth generation was introduced in March 2020, the prestigious publication of the automotive world by the magazine Auto Bild Allrad 'Design' category was awarded. [...]

New Ford Kuga
American Car Brands

The new Ford Kuga in Turkey

Combining advanced technology, superior comfort, safety and stylish design, the Future's SUV New Ford Kuga is in Turkey Ford's best-selling SUV model in Europe, Kuga is now brand new and stylish. [...]