LPG conversion can now be applied to all vehicles

LPG Conversion Can Now Be Applied to All Vehicles

LPG conversion was renewed with a focus on the development of automotive technology. BRC, the world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel systems, has taken steps to prevent LPG kits, which cause compatibility problems in vehicles with new generation technology, [...]

the smartest fuel option for our future lpg

The Most Rational Fuel Option for Our Future LPG

The reasons such as the increasing effects of Global Warming and the diseases caused by air pollution starting to affect more and more people started the process leading up to the prohibition of polluting fuels. While carbon emission values ​​are constantly updated, air [...]

turkey LPG vehicle handling under world first
Fossil Fuel

Turkey in the First World LPG Vehicle Use

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the citizen who has a vehicle started not to use public transportation. While the increasing number of vehicles in traffic increased fuel consumption, LPG conversion became the reason for preference with its savings exceeding 40 percent. LPG [...]