Togg TX Ready to Meet with the User

Togg T10X is Ready to Meet the User

Togg is preparing to introduce the T2022X, which it has downloaded from the mass production line, on 29 October Republic Day, 10. Taking firm steps forward in line with its plans, Togg announced the price of its first smart device that will meet with users as of the end of March, [...]

New DS E Tense

New DS 7 E-Tense 225 in Turkey

DS Automobiles offered the DS 7 Opera E-Tense 7 rechargeable hybrid option for the renewed DS 225 model in Turkey with prices starting from 1 million 972 thousand 400 TL. DS 7 Opera [...]

Skywell ET Long Range in Turkey

Skywell ET5 Long Range in Turkey

Entering the Turkish market in November 2021 as part of Ulu Motor, one of the Ulubaşlar Group companies, Skywell reached a delivery of 2022 units despite the global logistics problems experienced in the last half of 150. Automotive, IT, construction, real estate [...]

Download Trumoreu Kill The TOGG Test Squad

Download Trumore Join TOGG Test Drive

Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group TOGG has made the announcement that millions have been waiting for. In the post made on TOGG's official Twitter account, "Every 25 thousandth person who downloads Trumore, 40 users in total, visited our Technology Campus in April. [...]