hyundai bayon and interior production started

Hyundai BAYON and i20 N Production Started

Hyundai Assan has added a third product to its i10 and i20 models manufactured in Izmit, Turkey. Positioned in the B-SUV segment, the third model BAYON is the brand's newest representative in the SUV world. 230.000 maximum per year [...]

if design to hyundai full reward

Full 14 Awards from IF Design to Hyundai

IF Design, one of the most prestigious design organizations in the world, gave 14 awards to Hyundai. Hyundai's E-Pit Fast Charger, whose designs were awarded, won the gold award. In areas such as application, mobility and architecture [...]

new hyundai elantra is counting gun

New Hyundai Elantra is Counting Days

Hyundai Assan is starting its model attack in 2021 with the New Elantra model. Elantra, which is aimed to bring a different perspective to the C sedan segment, is especially designed with extraordinary hard and sharp lines. [...]

hyundai new mpvsi shared design details of starian

Hyundai New MPV Shares STARIA's Design Details

Hyundai Motor Company shared more images than the new MPV model STARIA, which it plans to introduce in the first half of 2021. Hyundai, close zamWith this model, which will be produced at the same time, it is specially designed for families and commercial enterprises. [...]

fastest b suv hyundai kona n

Fastest B-SUV: Hyundai KONA N

Hyundai Motor Company shared the first images of KONA N, which is highly anticipated by automobile enthusiasts. KONA N, the last member of the brand's high performance N series, zamfastest in its segment [...]

hyundai ioniq redefines electric mobility

Hyundai 2021 Spring Campaigns

Making its mark on the automotive market by introducing new models one after the other, Hyundai continues to make a name for itself with its effective works. Hyundai offers 68.500 TL to those who will buy a new car in March. [...]

hyundai ioniq redefines electric mobility

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Redefines Electric Mobility

IONIQ 45, inspired by PONY, Hyundai's first model launched 5 years ago, brings a completely different breath to mobility in the automotive industry. With the technologies it has developed and its serious investments in R&D, automotive [...]

a new robot from hyundai tiger x

A New Robot From Hyundai: TIGER-X

Continuing its investments in robot technologies and advanced mobility, Hyundai Motor Group introduced the high-end mobility vehicle (UMV) concept, which was showcased at the CES Consumer Electronics Fair two years ago, TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground). [...]