audi quattro unbound with contemporary istanbul

Audi Quattro-Unbound at Contemporary Istanbul

Audi, which is the official carrier sponsor of Contemporary Istanbul, takes part in the event with its video art work “quattro – unbound”. It is one of the most prestigious events of the global art world and is the most influential event every year. [...]

audi skysphere introduces concept model
German Car Brands

Audi Introduces Skysphere Concept Model

The Audi skysphere concept shows that it's not just about driving dynamics, but to offer passengers first-class and unique experiences during their journey. Concept model to provide maximum freedom to passengers. [...]

working and learning at audi moving away

Working and Learning at Audi Moves Away

With flexible working arrangements, Audi takes the first step on the road to hybrid business. Participants will be able to conduct up to 20 percent of their training programs remotely. The concept of 'New Normal', which entered our lives with the pandemic process, especially in the way of doing business. [...]