new man truck generation won awards

New MAN Truck Generation Wins 2 Awards

The new MAN Truck Generation impresses critics and customers with its outstanding design. At the coveted iF DESIGN AWARD, the new MAN TGX scored with the special functionality of its design. The entire new truck model range also uses [...]

Ford Trucks continues its growth in western europe with belgium
American Car Brands

Ford Trucks Continues Its Growth in Western Europe with Belgium

Ford Trucks, which opened dealers one after the other in Portugal, Spain and Italy with the aim of spreading all over Europe, continues its growth in Western Europe with Belgium, one of the most important markets of the region. Despite the effects of the pandemic, it aims to achieve its overseas targets [...]

Hybrid Engine Scania Hit the Road
German Car Brands

Hybrid Engine Scania Hit the Road

Scania, which is under the umbrella of Volkswagen group, has commercially launched its electric truck series. Plug-in hybrid trucks, which can be charged with cable, will initially focus on urban operations including retail distribution. [...]

Hodlmayra Yeni Gorev

New Mission to Hödlmayr Carrying Giant Tractors on TIR

Hödlmayr Transport and Trade Ltd. Since May 2019, Mercedes-Benz has undertaken the delivery of Mercedes-Benz trucks to its customers. Headquartered in Ümraniye, Istanbul, the automotive specialist is especially appreciated for its door-to-door delivery concept. This concept [...]

unmissable sales campaign for volvo fh460 tractor units

Volvo FH460 Tractor Unmissable Sales Campaign

Volvo Trucks has launched an advantageous campaign for Volvo FH460 tractors, which will be valid until September 30, with a 0% interest loan opportunity and a 2-year warranty period where they will not pay maintenance costs. Temsa İş is the distributor in Turkey. [...]