Last chance to have a Porsche in Petlas ad
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Last chance to own Porsche in PETLAS ad

Turkey tire industry leading provider of domestic capital Petlas, offers consumers the chance to win a Porsche Cayman $ 500 in the tire shop. The last days of the campaign, which will last until June 30, have been entered. Offering PETLAS 'consumers the chance to own a Porsche [...]

Launch of the new website volkswagen turkey brought gerceklesmesi
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Volkswagen Turkey Launches New Website Launches

Volkswagen's new faster mobility in line with the new logo and new corporate identity designed to adapt to the world, Volkswagen Turkey has made the launch of the new website. The transition process to the new corporate identity is different for each country zaman [...]

New Renault Clio car was elected the Year in Turkey

New Renault Clio Car of the Year was selected in Turkey

New Renault Clio, fifth this year, organized by the Association of Automotive Journalists' Car of the Year in Turkey "has obtained the first place in the competition. With the votes of 75 OGD members, 25 finalists were determined among 7 candidate cars in the first round. 7 finalists [...]

2021 BMW 4 Series
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New BMW 4 Series Coupe Launched Online

Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor of BMW, legendary design and sporty driving features with unbeatable car in its class The new BMW 4 Series Coupé has touted the online press conference. Each zamHighlighting the new design language with lines sharper than the current [...]

First Teaser Video of New Nissan Z Model Released

First Teaser Video of New Nissan Z Model Released

Nissan long zamposted a video showing the silhouette of the new Z-model that has been anticipated since now. The arrival date of the new Nissan Z model, which is expected to replace the 350z and 370z models, has been announced. Although the exact name of the model is not known yet [...]

50th Anniversary Special Nissan GTR

50 Nissan GTR 2020 Introduced to the 50th Anniversary

The 50 Nissan GTR model, which was produced specially for the 2020th year, which will normally be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, was introduced on the digital platform due to corona virus measures. In this promotion, 2020 Nissan GTR produced in collaboration with Italdesign company [...]

Mercedes Recalls AMG GT Cars
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Mercedes Recalls 2020 AMG GT Cars

Mercedes-Benz 2020 recalls some of the AMG GT vehicles due to the emergency call system communication modules (eCall) malfunction. The American National Road Traffic Administration (NHTSA) 149 Mercedes-Benz 2020 for the US recall only [...]

The new BMW 2 Series Coupe
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2021 BMW 2 Series Coupe Model Leaked Photos

Images of the new BMW 2 Series Coupe model were leaked on social media yesterday. Although not all of it is visible due to the cover on the vehicle, spy photos taken from the front and rear give us important information about the vehicle. Bmw new 2 [...]

LaFerrari acceleration

Watch LaFerrari's Great Acceleration

Watch the LaFerrari vehicle start at 217 km / h and accelerate to 372 km / h in a video taken on an empty highway. LaFerrari was launched about seven years ago. LaFerrari, the company's first hybrid supercar, from the 6,3-liter V12 engine [...]

Maserati MC photos

New Maserati MC20 Camouflaged Photos Shared

Despite the corona virus epidemic that has adversely affected almost all automotive companies these days, Maserati continues to work intensely for the new mid-engine supercar MC20. Maserati MC20 was scheduled to launch in May, but due to corona virus [...]