The interior of the new model Porsche Panamera has been revealed!

porsche panemera ickabin

The Technology-Filled Cabin of the New Porsche Panamera Has Been Released!

Porsche shared cabin images of the new Panamera model, which it will introduce on November 24. The new model is inspired by the Taycan model and features touch buttons and digital screens.

Touch Keys and Digital Displays

The most striking detail in the cabin of the new Panamera was the removal of the front console from physical buttons. The new model gained a much more technological appearance with touch buttons. The 12.6-inch digital instrument panel, the main multimedia screen and a new screen in the driver's area increased the modernity of the cabin. Not forgetting the passengers in the rear seats, Porsche also offered a touch screen to control many functions of the vehicle.

Executive Version and Non-Leather Upholstery Option

The new Panamera will also be available in the Executive version with a long wheelbase, just like the current model. This version will offer a larger interior and a more comfortable ride. In addition, the new model will also bring a non-leather upholstery option for the first time in the model history. This option will consist of a mixture of Race-Tex and Pepita fabrics and will provide a sportier look.

Driver-Focused Design

Porsche wanted the cabin of the new Panamera to be driver-oriented. That's why the gear lever has been removed from the center console and placed on the right side of the steering wheel. In this way, it is easier for the driver to access the new touch buttons. New storage areas have also been created.

Will a Station Wagon Version Come?

It is not yet clear whether station wagon versions of the new Panamera will come. Porsche did not make a statement on this issue. The new Panamera will be officially unveiled on November 24 and all details will be revealed.