New Dacia Duster is preparing to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show

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The New Generation of Dacia Duster Will Be Debuted in Geneva!

The Geneva Motor Show returns after 4 years and brings with it the new generation of Dacia Duster, one of Europe's best-selling SUV models. Dacia will unveil the new Duster at the fair to be held in February. The new Duster will attract attention with its design, engine options and smart technologies.

New Dacia Duster: Makes a Difference with Its Design

The new Dacia Duster makes a difference in the Off-Road SUV segment with its design. When viewed from the front, the model creates an assertive attitude by combining its wide hexagonal front grille with sharp matrix LED headlights. At the rear, crystal LED rear lights throughout, reminiscent of the front grille, create a characteristic and easy-to-recognize visual signature. When viewed from the side, a stylish profile stands out and the high shoulder line emphasizes dynamism. The model, which also draws attention with its new rim designs, is very reminiscent of the Bigster concept.

New Dacia Duster: Exciting with Engine Options

The new Dacia Duster is also exciting with its engine options. The model will have both an internal combustion engine and a PHEV version. Internal combustion engine options will be gasoline only. In other words, Duster will join the models saying goodbye to diesel with its new generation. The PHEV version will offer both environmentally friendly and economical driving. The model will exhibit extraordinary performance in all kinds of road and terrain conditions with its 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, 4-wheel drive system and 8 driving modes.

New Dacia Duster: Comfortable with Smart Technologies

The new Dacia Duster will offer a comfortable driving experience with its smart technologies. The model will significantly increase driving comfort and safety with advanced driving support systems such as blind spot detection and integrated navigation assistant. In addition, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, it will make vehicle-human interaction more dynamic. Technologies such as SONY speakers and panoramic imaging will offer users a comprehensive range of solutions, from smart driving to smart entertainment.

The new Dacia Duster is one of many new models preparing to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. At the fair, we will also have the opportunity to see Renault's new electric car, R5. The fair will be officially announced as of January, with the participation of more than 30-40 brands.