Who is Yağmur Karlı? How old is Yağmur Karlı, the 36th Best Model Türkiye winner, and where is he from?

Who is Yagmurkarli?

Best Model Turkey's New Champion Yağmur Karlı

Best Model Turkey, Turkey's most prestigious modeling competition, was held for the 36th time this year. Yağmur Karlı, who participated from Hatay, won the first place in the women's category of the competition. So, who is Yağmur Karlı, how old is he, where is he from? Here's what you need to know about the new champion of Best Model Turkey…

A Model with Rain, Snow and Hatay

Yağmur Karlı was born in Hatay in 2000. Karlı, who started modeling from a young age, took part in many fashion shows and advertisements. Karlı is also a very popular name on social media. Karlı, who shares posts under the username "yagmurkarli00" on Instagram, has 1 million followers.

Yağmur Karlı Won Best Model Turkey

Yağmur Karlı participated in the Best Model Turkey competition, which was held for the 36th time this year, from Hatay. Karlı, who stood out among 20 finalists in the competition, won the admiration of the jury members. Karlı went to the podium in a red dress on the final night of the competition. Karlı was crowned the winner at the end of the competition.

Yağmur Karlı Will Represent Turkey in the International Competition

Yağmur Karlı won the Best Model Turkey competition and earned the right to represent Turkey internationally. Karlı will compete with models from all over the world in the Best Model of the World competition, which will be held next year. Karlı aims to bring first place to Turkey in this competition as well.