Volvo officially introduced its first minivan: EM90

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Volvo's first minivan, EM90, is luxurious and electric

Despite its strategy focusing on SUVs, Volvo decided to enter the minivan segment as well. EM90, the first minivan of the Swedish brand, attracts attention as an electric and luxury vehicle. The model also challenges its competitors with its third-level autonomous driving feature that works even in the dark.

Volvo EM90 is similar to EX90 with its design

Volvo EM90 is very similar to the EX90 model with its exterior design. The illuminated grille specific to electric vehicles, Volvo's signature headlights and 19 or 20-inch wheels complete the exterior of the vehicle. The dimensions of the vehicle were announced as 5.2 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.8 meters high.

Volvo EM90 offers three rows of seating in the cabin

Volvo EM90 prioritizes luxury and comfort in the interior as well. There are three rows of seats in the cabin of the vehicle. The middle row seats are designed with ventilation and massage. In addition, middle row passengers can watch movies on a 15.6-inch screen that opens from the ceiling.

There is a giant infotainment system screen on the front console. This screen allows controlling all functions of the vehicle. Same zamA fully digital instrument panel also provides information to the driver. Volvo claims that it can turn the vehicle's cabin into a cinema, bedroom or meeting room with a single command.

Volvo EM90 promises a range of 738 kilometers

Volvo EM90 also offers high performance as an electric vehicle. The battery of the vehicle has a capacity of 100 kWh. According to China's official test data, the maximum range of the vehicle is determined as 738 kilometers. However, it is necessary to see the results of WLTP tests, which are more consistent in Europe.

The engine power and acceleration data of the vehicle have not been disclosed yet. However, it is known that the vehicle has a third-level autonomous driving feature. In this way, the vehicle can drive itself under certain conditions without the need for a driver. This feature can also work in the dark.

Volvo EM90 will be launched in 2023. However, it was stated that the model will be sold only in China for now. Although Geely and Volvo are considering expanding into different markets, it is not yet clear whether the model will come to Europe.