Volkswagen and Vivo established a new partnership! Here are the details

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Volkswagen and Vivo cooperate for smart mobility!

Volkswagen's software company Cariad has partnered with smartphone manufacturer Vivo on vehicle-smartphone integration. This collaboration increases the importance of digital convenience in the electric vehicle market.

Cariad and Vivo founded M2 Lab

Cariad and Vivo have created a division called Mobile & Mobility Fusion Joint Innovative Lab (M2 Lab) to pioneer software and hardware solutions for smart connected vehicles and smart mobility services. M2 Lab will develop technologies that will enable vehicles and smartphones to work together.

Gamebase and Touch&Go applications

The first products of this partnership include Gamebase and Touch&Go applications. Gamebase is an application that allows you to play games on your vehicle's infotainment screen. Touch&Go is an application that allows you to monitor and operate some functions of your vehicle remotely. These apps enable vehicle-smartphone integration to reach new levels.

Synergy between smartphones and electric vehicles

This collaboration between Volkswagen and Vivo is part of a trend to increase the synergy between smartphones and electric vehicles. Consumers are showing a growing demand for seamless integration between their smart devices and electric vehicles. For this reason, some automobile manufacturers have also ventured into smartphone production. For example, electric car manufacturer Nio launched its own smartphone, the Nio Phone. Tesla rivals like Polestar are also preparing to launch their own smartphones.

Volkswagen and Vivo collaborated for smart mobility, heralding a new era in the electric vehicle market. This collaboration will enable vehicles and smartphones to offer more functions together.