Have the VGM scholarship application results been announced? zamwhen will it be announced?

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What are the VGM Scholarship Results? Zammoment to be announced? Here is the VGM Scholarship Application Results Inquiry Screen

The General Directorate of Foundations (VGM), which serves under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, offers scholarship opportunities to thousands of secondary and higher education students every year. VGM scholarship applications were received between October 16 and November 1. Students who applied, what are the results? zamHe wonders when it will be announced. So, what are the VGM scholarship application results? zammoment will be announced? How will VGM scholarship results be questioned? Here's what you need to know about VGM scholarship application results…

What are the VGM Scholarship Application Results? ZamAnnounced at the moment?

General Directorate of Foundations will announce the scholarship application results on its official website [vgm.gov.tr]. VGM, what are the scholarship application results? zamIt has not yet given an official date for its announcement. However, last year, scholarship applications ended on November 20 and the results were made available on December 14. A similar schedule is expected to be followed this year.

VGM made the following statement regarding the announcement of scholarship application results:

“The evaluation process for secondary education scholarship applications ending as of October 16, 2023 has come to an end. Application results when the evaluation process is completed http://www.vgm.gov.tr It will be explained and opened to questioning.

"Evaluation procedures for higher education scholarship applications ending as of November 1, 2023 will begin after the General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories announces the scholarship application results."

How will VGM Scholarship Results be Inquired?

When the VGM scholarship application results are announced, students will be able to query their results by going to [vgm.gov.tr]. On the result inquiry screen, students will need to enter their TR ID number and date of birth. You can click [here] to access the result inquiry screen.

How much is the VGM Scholarship Fee?

VGM will pay scholarship fees to secondary and higher education students starting from October in the 2023-2024 academic year. VGM scholarship fee varies depending on the education level of the students. VGM scholarship fee was determined as follows:

  • Secondary education education aid amount is 750,00 TL per month
  • Higher education scholarship amount is 1.250,00 TL per month
  • Foreign student higher education scholarship amount is 1.250,00 TL per month

VGM scholarship fee will be deposited into students' bank accounts. Students will be able to withdraw their scholarship fees starting from the 15th of each month. VGM scholarship fee will continue throughout the students' education period. However, students must meet certain conditions to continue receiving scholarships. These conditions are:

  • Students must not have received any disciplinary punishment from the institution where they study.
  • Students' success in the institution they study at
  • Students should not be absent from the institution where they study.
  • Students do not receive a scholarship or loan from another institution
  • Students must apply for scholarship renewal to VGM on the specified dates every year.

Students receiving VGM scholarships may lose their scholarships if they do not comply with these conditions.