Geely Galaxy E8 with long range is coming to the market!

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Geely Galaxy E8, electric sedan that will rival BYD Han

Geely shared the details of the new electric sedan model Galaxy E8, which it will offer for pre-sale at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The vehicle is expected to rival models such as BYD Han with its stylish and aerodynamic design, high power and range values.

Galaxy E8 draws attention with its 0,199 cd friction coefficient

Galaxy E8 is an electric sedan model developed on Geely's Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform. The dimensions of the vehicle were announced as 5010 mm length, 1920 mm width, 1465 mm height and 2925 mm wheelbase. The most impressive feature of the Galaxy E8 is that it has a very aerodynamic design with a drag coefficient of 0,199 cd. This value is on par with a strange-looking vehicle like the Volkswagen XL1. Galaxy E8 managed to reach this value without compromising on aesthetics. Its competitors such as Mercedes-Benz EQS, Tesla Model S Plaid and Nio ET7 have values ​​​​such as 0,202 cd and 0,208 cd. The Galaxy E8 has achieved such a low drag coefficient even though it does not use cameras instead of side mirrors.

The design of the Galaxy E8 includes modern details such as sharp-lined headlights and strip-shaped LED taillights, which do not have traditional front grilles.

Galaxy E8 comes with three different battery and motor options

Galaxy E8 offers three different battery and motor options on two different infrastructures with 400 Volt and 800 Volt architectures. The 400 Volt architecture versions have LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries with 62 kWh and 76 kWh capacities. These versions have a single 272 horsepower electric motor located on the rear axle. The range of the 62 kWh battery version is stated as 550 km according to NEDC measurement, and the range of the 76 kWh battery version is 665 km. The 800 Volt architecture version has a 76 kWh capacity battery and two electric motors with 224 horsepower at the front and 421 horsepower at the rear. The range of this version is announced as 665 km. However, it should be noted that these range values ​​are given according to the old NEDC test procedure and will be lower under real use conditions.

Galaxy E8 will be available for pre-order at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17. The price of the vehicle is not yet clear. Galaxy E8 is seen as a vehicle that will rival electric sedan models such as BYD Han. We will continue to convey the developments on the subject to you, our valued readers.