Turkish Pilotcar will produce a 2-person electric vehicle


2-Person Electric Micro Vehicle from Pilotcar: e2!

A new player has emerged in the electric vehicle market. Pilotcar announced that it will introduce the 2-person electric micro vehicle e2 next March. The Bursa-based company aims to offer both an environmentally friendly and economical transportation option with e2.

Pilotcar e2: Attracts Attention with Its Design

Pilotcar e2 attracts attention with its design. The model has a split headlight design, multi-spoke design rims and round taillights. The dimensions of the model have not been announced yet, but it appears to be a tiny vehicle. The color options and interior design of the model will be revealed on the launch day.

Pilotcar e2: Excites with Its Performance

Pilotcar e2 also excites with its performance. The model has a maximum speed of 80 km/h and a driving range of 150 km. The battery capacity and charging time of the model are not yet known. The model will offer an easy and comfortable driving experience both in the city and outside the city.

Pilotcar e2: Affordable at Its Price

Pilotcar e2 will be an affordable vehicle for its price. The price of the model has not been announced yet, but the company said that the e2 will be an affordable electric vehicle. The model will be suitable for both individual and commercial use. The model will be available in June.