What is Troy Card and where is it used? Information about Troy Card

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Troy: Turkey's Domestic Payment System Troy, Turkey's first domestic payment system, provides credit card, debit card and prepaid card services. Troy cards work compatible with international payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard and offer the opportunity to shop domestically and abroad. So, who has Troy card, how to get it and which banks use it? Here are the curious things about the Troy card.

Whose Troy Card?

Troy card is a payment system developed by Interbank Card Center (BKM). BKM is a financial technology company founded in 1990 and a joint venture of banks in Turkey. BKM operates to manage, develop and operate banks' card payment systems. BKM launched Turkey's first domestic payment system by launching Troy in 2016. Troy means “Turkey's Payment Method” in Turkish.

How to Get Troy Card?

To get a Troy card, you can request from your bank or electronic money institution. You can replace your existing cards with Troy logo cards or apply for a new Troy card. To get a Troy card, you need to learn the terms and fees of your bank or electronic money institution. No additional documents or transactions are required to obtain a Troy card.

Which Banks Use Troy Card?

Troy card is used by many banks and electronic money institutions in Turkey. Among the banks offering Troy cards are major banks such as Akbank, Denizbank, Garanti BBVA, Halkbank, ING Bank, İş Bankası, QNB Finansbank, TEB, Vakıfbank, Yapı Kredi, Ziraat Bankası. Electronic money institutions offering Troy cards include Papara, ininal, Param, Moka, Paycell, Paynet, Setcard, Wirecard.