Toyota is recalling millions of SUVs! Here's why…

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Toyota recalls RAV4 SUV models due to fire risk!

Toyota decided to recall more than 1,8 million RAV4 SUV models in the USA on the grounds that 12V batteries could cause a short circuit and cause a fire. This decision stands out as one of the largest recall operations the automobile manufacturer has experienced in recent years.

Battery problem in RAV4 SUV models

The recall covers RAV2013 SUV models (approximately 2018 units) produced between the 4 and 1.854.000 model years. Toyota stated that some spare batteries used in these vehicles are not held properly by the battery clamp due to the small top cover. This may cause the battery to move while driving and cause the positive terminal to contact the clamp. This may lead to short circuit and risk of fire.

What solution does Toyota offer?

Toyota announced that it is working on a new retaining clamp, battery tray and positive terminal cover to solve the problem. Once these parts are ready, they will be replaced by Toyota free of charge. Toyota announced that it will notify vehicle owners about the recall by the end of December.

Toyota's recall history

Toyota has carried out many recall operations in recent years. In 2019, it recalled 3,4 million vehicles on the grounds that airbag explosives could rupture due to excessive pressure and cause injuries. In 2020, it recalled 1,8 million vehicles on the grounds that the fuel pump could malfunction and cause the vehicle to not start or stop. Earlier this year, it recalled 752.000 vehicles on the grounds that a software error in the hybrid system could cause the vehicle to lose power or stall.