WHAT ARTICLES ARE IN THE OVERALL LAW? What is the Omnibus Law? zamWill the moment come?

omnibus law

What is the Omnibus Law? ZamWill it be released? Here are the Articles and Details

The Omnibus Law contains important regulations that concern many citizens. Issues such as 5 thousand lira payment to retirees, marriage loan, Family Youth Bank are included in the content of the Omnibus Law. So what is the Omnibus Law? zamWill the moment come? What are the articles of the Omnibus Law? Here are the latest developments regarding the Omnibus Law.

Omnibus Bill Will Be Discussed in Parliament The Omnibus Law has not yet been discussed in the General Assembly of the Parliament. After the Omnibus Law is accepted by the Parliament, it is expected to be published in the Official Gazette and enter into force. What is the Omnibus Law? zamNo clear date has been given for its release, but it will be released soon. zamIt is expected to come to the agenda of the Parliament at the moment.

What are the Omnibus Bill Articles? The Omnibus Law contains articles that are of great concern to many citizens. The articles of the Omnibus Law are as follows:

  • 5 Thousand Lira Payment to Retirees: With the Omnibus Law, it is planned to make a one-time payment of 5 thousand liras to retirees. This payment will be in addition to pensions and will not be subject to any deductions.
  • Marriage Loan: The Omnibus Law envisages providing interest-free marriage loans to young people who want to get married. The marriage loan will be provided through the Family Youth Bank and will be easy to repay.
  • Family Youth Bank: The Omnibus Law aims to establish the Family Youth Bank. Family Youth Bank will be an institution that will provide loans and support to young people to meet their needs such as education, employment and marriage.
  • Rental of Houses for Tourism Purposes: With the Omnibus Law, it is planned to regulate the rental of residences for tourism purposes. With this regulation, home owners will be able to benefit from tax advantages in rentals for tourism purposes and informality will be prevented.