Togg will start to be exported to Europe in 2025!


Togg Will Export Electric Vehicles to Europe in 2025!

Turkey's domestic electric vehicle manufacturer Togg has been making deliveries to its customers in Turkey since May. The company announced that it had delivered 1 T9.171X models to its owners as of November 10. Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır said that Togg will deliver the pre-ordered 20 thousand T10X by the end of the year.

Togg is Preparing to Enter the European Market

Minister Kacır emphasized that Togg is a brand that can compete not only in Turkey but also in Europe. Explaining that Togg will start to be exported to the European Union (EU) by the end of 2024, Kacır said, “In 2025, we will see an increasing number of Togg on European roads. Togg will show the whole world that Turkey is a country that produces and exports technology.” said.

Investment in Electric Vehicles Is Increasing

Minister Kacır stated that Turkey offers an attractive investment environment for electric vehicles. Stating that they have met with many international companies in this field, Kacır said, “We have also been in contact with Tesla and other companies. The Chinese also have a very serious interest. We opened our doors to every investor who will add value to Turkey. As long as they act with a win-win approach. “I believe we will hear new news in the coming period.” made his assessment.

Togg T10X Can Be Purchased Without Interest

Togg's first model, T10X, was offered for sale through the pre-order system. While the company is making deliveries to its customers who pre-ordered, it also announced that it will start selling without lottery for new customers. Togg T10X will be available for purchase starting from next year. Prices range from 2023 TL to 1.227.500 TL as of November 1.563.500. Togg T10X is offered for sale in two different versions: T300X Comfort with a range of 10 km and T400X Premium with a range of 10 km. Togg T10X accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h. Togg T10X also includes many features such as smart assistant, autonomous driving, wireless charging and internet connection.

Togg stands out as a brand that asserts its claim in Turkey's electric vehicle sector. The company aims to offer a quality, safe and environmentally friendly vehicle to both its domestic and foreign customers. Togg will prove that Turkey is a country that produces and exports technology with its electric vehicles, which will start to be exported to Europe in 2025.