TOGG was exhibited at the Türkiye Fair in France

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TOGG, Turkey's Automotive Revolution

TOGG is a revolutionary project in Turkey's automotive industry. TOGG, a completely electric and smart car, aims to contribute to Turkey's technological development. TOGG will go into mass production in 2022 and will be Turkey's first domestic car.

TOGG's design is inspired by Turkey's geography and culture. TOGG's colors reflect the rich nature of Anatolia. TOGG's interior symbolizes Turkish hospitality and comfort.

TOGG was exhibited at the Türkiye Fair in France

Turkey Fair, held between 3 and 5 November in Strasbourg, France, showed the cultural richness and diversity of Turkey. Turkish food, handicrafts, music and folk dances were exhibited at the fair. The fair attracted great attention from French and Turkish citizens.

The most striking part of the Turkey Fair was Turkey's domestic and national car, TOGG. TOGG was exhibited at a stand at the fair and was exposed to the curious looks of visitors. TOGG's design, technology and features were liked and appreciated by the visitors.

TOGG demonstrated its claim and vision in Turkey's automotive industry with its performance at the Turkey Fair in France. TOGG became the pride of Turkey.