Good news for those waiting to buy TOGG: Sale without lottery will start soon

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TOGG Goes to Open Sale: No More Waiting for the Draw

Turkey's local and national electric car TOGG has attracted great attention since it started selling in May. TOGG, which sells by lottery method due to limited production, will leave the lottery method and switch to open sales method as of next year. Good news has come for those who are waiting to buy TOGG.

TOGG is leaving the draw method

TOGG will increase its daily production capacity to 2023 units in 280 and will exceed the annual production threshold of 80 thousand units. Thanks to its increased production capacity, TOGG will give up selling by lottery and switch to open selling. Thus, those who want to buy TOGG will not have to enter the draw and zamThey will be able to order via the Trumore app.

What is TOGG Open Sale? ZamWill the moment begin?

What is your TOGG open sale? zamHe did not give a clear date for when it would start. However, in 2024, it is planned to sell first to 20 thousand main winners and 20 thousand reserve winners who entered the draw this year. After the draw order is completed, the remaining approximately 60 thousand TOGG cars will be offered for sale directly through the Trumore application.