Tesla's new cheap car will be produced in Berlin

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Tesla's Affordable Electric Car Will Be Produced in Berlin

Tesla is known as the leader of the electric car industry. The company draws attention with both luxury and performance vehicles. However, Tesla does not want to appeal only to the rich. The company plans to produce an affordable electric car to reach a wider audience. The price of this car will be only 25.000 dollars.

It was a matter of curiosity where Tesla's $25.000 electric car would be produced. The company developed a new production method for this car. This method is called “Boxless Process”. With this method, parts of the vehicle are produced separately and assembled at the final stage. In this way, production time and cost are reduced.

The company's CEO, Elon Musk, introduced this new production method in March. Musk said that this method is faster and more efficient, so cheaper electric vehicles can be produced. Tesla was planning to use this method in its affordable $25.000 car and autonomous robotaxi vehicle.

It remained unclear for a long time where Tesla's $25.000 electric car would be produced. The company considered its factories in Mexico, Texas and Berlin for this car. But in the end the decision was made. Tesla's $25.000 electric car will be produced at the Gigafactory in Berlin.

Elon Musk visited his factory in Berlin and held a meeting with workers. At the meeting, Musk announced that the factory will produce the new $25.000 vehicle. Musk said that this vehicle will be Tesla's smallest and cheapest vehicle, but will still have very good performance and design.

What is Tesla's $25.000 electric car? zamIt is not yet clear whether it will be released on the market. However, Musk stated that this vehicle could be offered for sale in 2023. Tesla's $25.000 electric car will create great competition in the electric car market. This vehicle will be an attractive option for many people who want to switch to electric cars but have a limited budget.