Tesla Türkiye's former general manager spoke about his resignation


Tesla Turkey's Former General Manager Kemal Geçer Explained Why He Resigned

Kemal Geçer, the first and only general manager of Tesla Turkey, announced that he resigned and left his post on November 15. Geçer reacted to the "sent" allegations against him after his resignation. Geçer touched upon the successful work he did in Tesla Turkey and his new position.

Kemal Geçer, What Did Tesla Do in Turkey?

Kemal Geçer was transferred from Lufthansa (Germany) in 2019 and became the first general manager of Tesla Turkey. Geçer was criticized from the beginning because he did not come from the automotive industry. However, Geçer achieved great success by delivering nearly 5 thousand vehicles in a short period of 11 months, with a small number of personnel, a single showroom, a single service and a single delivery point. Geçer played a major role in Tesla Turkey breaking sales records.

Geçer explained his work in Tesla Turkey as follows: “A difficult year awaits the automotive industry in Turkey in 2024. Tesla's job is difficult if it does not make the necessary investments. We will see together. But I did my duty and returned all the vehicles to their owners as I promised. zamI delivered it instantly. “I left my 2-year duty at the top.”

Why Did Kemal Geçer Resign?

Kemal Geçer announced that he resigned from his position as Tesla Turkey General Manager on November 15. Geçer cited the reason for his resignation as disagreements with Tesla headquarters. Geçer stated that Tesla headquarters did not make the necessary investments and support in the Turkish market. Gecer said that's why he was nervous and went on holiday abroad for 2 weeks.

Geçer reacted to the "sent" allegations made about him after his resignation as follows: "I am saddened by the "sent" comments made about me because they are not true. He stated that Tesla did not send him away after his contract ended on November 15, on the contrary, he resigned from his position. "I resigned, I was not sent."

Kemal Geçer, What is his New Task?

Kemal Geçer announced that he started a new position after leaving Tesla Turkey. Geçer announced that he is the General Manager of Starlink Turkey, Elon Musk's other company. Starlink is a company that provides satellite internet. Starlink has not yet started operating in Turkey, but pre-registration has started. Geçer said that he was preparing to write a new success story as the General Manager of Starlink Turkey.

Kemal Geçer made a name for himself with his successful work as the former general manager of Tesla Turkey. After his resignation, Geçer focused on his new position. As General Manager of Starlink Turkey, Geçer will try to revolutionize satellite internet in Turkey.