Tesla is considering selling its heated seat technology via subscription system

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Tesla's Heated Seats May Come with a Monthly Fee!

While Tesla maintains its leadership in the electric car market, it is working on a new pricing method. Under this method, Tesla owners may have to pay a monthly subscription fee for some premium features such as heated seats and heated wipers. This may be a strategy that Tesla plans to implement to reduce vehicle prices and provide tax advantages.

Will Tesla Sell Premium Features with a Subscription System?

Tesla's new pricing method was revealed by a user named @greentheonly, who infiltrated Tesla systems and shared the patch notes. According to the 2023.38.8 update notes shared by the user on X, Tesla may introduce a monthly subscription system for heated seats and heated wipers. Additionally, these notes also show that Model Y's battery capacity may be limited software.

This pricing method is nothing new for Tesla. In the past, Tesla has charged extra for some features, such as footwell lighting in the Model 3, additional battery capacity and heated seats in the Model S/X. However, these features were later standardized.

This move by Tesla shows that some automakers are also playing with similar ideas. Last year, BMW became the first company to charge a monthly fee for Apple CarPlay. However, this decision attracted a great reaction and BMW took a step back.

What's Behind Tesla's Move?

Behind Tesla's idea of ​​tying premium features to a monthly fee, there actually lies a marketing strategy. According to the information obtained by our friends at InsideEVs, Tesla; By reducing the base price of the Model 3, it plans to enable customers to purchase the options they want later. In this way, Tesla will keep vehicle prices competitive and reduce the tax burden.

This strategy can also be applied to Tesla's Model Y, which is also sold in our country. Thus, customers can buy their vehicles at more affordable prices and add the features they want later. For example, the autopilot feature can be added to the vehicle for a lower fee after you receive the vehicle.

What is Tesla's Status in the Electric Car Market?

Tesla continues to maintain its leadership in the electric car market. The brand announced that it delivered 2023 thousand vehicles in the first quarter of 184. This was the highest quarterly delivery figure in Tesla's history. Tesla is also working on new models and new factories. The brand's eagerly awaited models such as Cybertruck, Roadster and Semi will be released in the coming years. Tesla, same zamIt is currently building new factories in Germany and Texas.

Tesla is known as an innovative and pioneering brand in the electric car market. The brand aims to offer more options to its customers and reduce vehicle prices, with the idea of ​​tying premium features to a monthly fee. But how will this idea be received by Tesla owners and potential customers? zamthe moment will show.