Tesla decided to sue those who sold Cybertruck!


Harsh Warning to Tesla Cybertruck Owners: There is a 50 Thousand Dollar Penalty If You Sell It!

Tesla's highly anticipated electric pickup model Cybertruck goes on sale on November 30. However, Tesla set an important rule for its customers who will buy Cybertruck. Accordingly, Cybertruck owners will not be able to sell their vehicles during the first year. Otherwise, Tesla will sue them and ask for a $50 thousand fine.

What are the Tesla Cybertruck Sales Conditions?

Tesla announced the sales conditions of Cybertruck in the [Motor Vehicle Order Agreement]. The contract includes a section titled “For Cybertruck Only.” In this section, Tesla says: “You agree that you will not sell or otherwise attempt to sell your vehicle within the first year following its delivery date.” Tesla states that it may demand injunctive relief or 50 thousand dollars in compensation to its customers who do not comply with this rule. It also says it will refuse to sell vehicles to these customers again.

Tesla also states that if Cybertruck owners have a good reason to sell their vehicles, they may agree to take the vehicle back. However, in this case, there are some conditions. If Tesla doesn't take the vehicle back, it zamAn says the customer can agree to sell the vehicle to someone else.

Tesla Cybertruck What ZamIs It On Sale?

Tesla introduced Cybertruck in 2019. Cybertruck is Tesla's first product in several years, and it's the same zamIt will be the first pickup model at the moment. Tesla had said that the price of Cybertruck would start at $39.900, but the price is expected to increase due to expensive construction materials. Tesla will launch Cybertruck on November 30. Tesla aims to sell 2025 thousand Cybertrucks by 250.